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We are a community of scholars, artists, and students dedicated to the study and creation of literature in English. We choose to immerse ourselves in the language’s rich and varied literary tradition, its long history and expansive present, because we believe literature is synonymous with good—ethical and pleasurable—living. Reading, we encounter other people and ideas across time and space. Writing, we give clarity and shape to the world and our experiences of it. These intellectual values are reflected in how we teach and learn. Our faculty devote individual attention to each and every student, and our consistently small classes become intimate intellectual communities in their own right. Join us!

  • Creative writing has been a great departure from other classes because I really get to express myself to the fullest.

    Sheyla Dorantes BA ’22
    Portland, Oregon
    More about Sheyla
  • I found that classics and English have a lot to do with each other, particularly for someone interested in creative writing. It’s important to know about different cultures and the myths and stories that have influenced and inspired classical writers in the past. I have found that every piece I have read has a connection back to the beginning of literature.

    Laura Everson BA ’22
    Sitka, Alaska
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  • Professor Mary Szybist took us all seriously as writers, and challenged us to create poems that would be both meaningful to us and to others. I still return to the demanding, thrilling, diverse reading selection from that course. Mary is a true gem in the L&C community, and she has made a life in the arts possible for so many, myself included.

    Corey Van Landingham BA ’08More about Corey

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