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Hispanic Studies offers an exploration of the language, cultures, and histories of the vast regions of the world where Spanish is spoken, through the study of literary, cinematographic, artistic, and cultural productions. From Latin America, the US and Spain to Equatorial Guinea and the Philippines, we offer an interdisciplinary approach to Hispanic studies with courses on literature, theater, music, poetry, film, politics, and cultural studies. Both the major and minor combine advanced linguistic preparation with cultural and historical perspectives, preparing students for a wide range of professional and academic careers.

  • I love how interdisciplinary my Hispanic studies major is because I’ve gotten to take courses from different departments like history and music, and I got to study abroad in Spain!

    Jenn Sosa Ramírez BA ’23
    Richmond, California
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  • One of my favorite classes so far has been Spanish Literature in Translation. It taught me to think in such a different way about literature, thought, and the world around us.

    Brenna Ketchum BA ’23
    Fort Collins, Colorado
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  • My favorite spot to study on campus is the third floor of Miller because I can see my Hispanic studies professors and soak up the sunlight that hits from the window.

    Azucena Morales Santos BA ’24
    Hillsboro Oregon, but my roots are from Juxtlahuaca, Oaxaca, Mexico
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