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Students majoring in sociology and anthropology (SOAN) are members of an enthusiastic intellectual community dedicated to the study of the social and cultural processes that shape our contemporary world. Our students join in the critical investigation of pressing issues of the day: capitalism, migration, tourism, environmental sustainability, religious commitment, violence and suffering, health care, food systems, social injustice, technological innovation, nationalism, and more. Our classes are attuned to how these processes impact the everyday lives of people in Asia, North America, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. First-hand research is at the core of the SOAN experience, with faculty and students working closely together on projects in the classroom, the Portland community, and abroad. Together, we work on developing the thinking tools, research skills, and social ethics that prepare us to understand the world and act in it.

  • The skill that I used most to find and earn my current internship was networking!

    Madeleine Bentley BA ’19
    Bainbridge Island, Washington
    More about Madeleine
  • In the fall of my sophomore year, I took my first sociology class and immediately knew that sociology and anthropology was for me. Since then, I have taken an incredible breadth of classes within the major, and have loved each one partially due to the incredible faculty in the department.

    Helen Guyton BA ’23
    Cologne, Germany
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  • I liked the idea of being able to develop a connection with my professors while knowing the majority of my classmates. On top of that, the campus is beautiful!

    Jillian Jin BA ’21
    Renton, Washington
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