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We offer our students an exciting and synergistic learning environment in which to practice the visual arts and to study art in historical and theoretical contexts. We work to ensure that students graduate with the ability to think creatively and critically, both through the art they produce and in the way they analyze and discuss past and contemporary art. We are committed to helping students achieve the visual literacy that is increasingly essential to negotiating the world today. We prepare students to pursue advanced degrees in graduate school; for careers as visual artists or in galleries, museums, or arts administration; and for a life enriched by the visual arts.

Close up of a hand scraping paint.


Explore all of our conservatory-caliber fine arts offerings and the ways you can enhance your artistic passions, no matter your major.

  • My involvement with LEAP and Mixed LC not only challenged my leadership abilities, but has also helped me grow as a student, as a mentor, and as an individual.

    Jennifer Anderson BA ’19
    Art History, Religious Studies (double) | French Studies | Kailua Kona, Hawai‘i
    More about Jennifer
  • Professor Jess Perlitz is my academic advisor, and she constantly inspires me to work my hardest and be my best self. I genuinely don’t know where I would be without her input and encouragement.

    Elana Goff BA ’22
    Studio Art | Palo Alto, California
    More about Elana
  • Michael Glah BA ’18
    Psychology and Studio Art | Aspen, Colo.
    More about Michael

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