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At Lewis & Clark, studying entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation is not just about starting a business. It is about using the entrepreneurial mindset to analyze, adapt, innovate, and advocate. Sometimes this results in a business. Hopefully, it always leads to you learning how to advocate for yourself and others on your path to a productive, thriving, and impactful life.

Our new minor in Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation gives you the opportunity to integrate your critical thinking, analytical abilities, and communication skills to create and test impact-based solutions for the for-profit and nonprofit world. Through the study of entrepreneurship and substantial hands-on experience, you will develop a greater understanding of yourself and others in order to collaborate more effectively, maximize efforts to achieve common goals, and create positive change. You will gain a powerful toolkit and network enabling you to translate your liberal arts education into action as you prepare for future work, ventures, and adventures.

Chrys Hutchings at the Bates Center for Entrepreneurship and Leadership is the closest thing I have to a mentor on campus. I admire her willpower and passion, and am able to talk to her as a friend and a leader.

Tuse Mahenya BA ’21
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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One of the biggest impacts the Bates Center and the programs offered has taught me, is to embrace failure. Not just accept failure as it is, but use the lessons learned from failure to plant new seeds for success.

Thor Retzlaff BA ’18
Truckee, California
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Riley Arnold BA ’19
Monument, Colorado, and Tampa, Florida
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