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A minor in entrepreneurial leadership and innovation at Lewis & Clark gives you the opportunity to integrate liberal arts critical thinking, analytical abilities, and communication skills to create and test solutions in the for-profit and nonprofit world. Our minor’s four pillars—entrepreneurial mindset, concrete skill sets, experiential opportunities, and networking—will leverage your liberal arts degree. We purposely incorporate substantial hands-on experiences, so that you will develop a greater understanding of yourself and others in order to collaborate more effectively and be an agent of positive change. You will gain a powerful toolkit and network enabling you to translate your liberal arts education into action as you prepare for the future of work, ventures, and adventures.

At Lewis & Clark, studying entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation is not just about starting a business. It is about using the entrepreneurial mindset to analyze, adapt, innovate, and execute. Sometimes this results in a business. Hopefully, it always leads to you learning how to advocate for yourself and others on your path to a productive, thriving, and impactful life.