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*Computer Science is part of the Department of Mathematical Sciences.*

At Lewis & Clark, the mathematical sciences are an integral part of a liberal arts education. Mathematics, statistics, and computer science provide ways to describe the world we live in and our relationship to it. They are structural mechanisms providing context for speculation and discovery; important tools for illuminating theories and implementing techniques from other disciplines; and art forms exhibiting aesthetic values. Our department prides itself on fostering a diverse community of students and faculty, where everyone is welcomed and encouraged to engage deeply with the practice, passion, communication, and context of mathematical inquiry.

  • My mentor is Professor Peter Drake. He has lots of insight to share about my academics and major, while also encouraging me to engage with different programs and opportunities offered at L&C.

    William Lew BA ’23
    San Ramon, California
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  • My favorite class has been Network Security with Professor Jens Mache. This class challenged me, taught me about the intricacies of modern network systems, and allowed me to apply what I learned to real-world scenarios.

    Natalie Zoz BA ’23
    Lincoln, Nebraska
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  • L&C’s computer science major provides the opportunity for me to put theory into practice by working on fundamental programming problems.

    Carlos García Morán BA ’24
    Madrid, Spain
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