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As our understanding of the molecular basis of life increases, the fields of biochemistry and molecular biology are rapidly expanding. Our program focuses on experiential learning and project-based lab work, meaning that a major in biochemistry and molecular biology (BCMB) at Lewis & Clark is all about “doing science.” Our interdisciplinary curriculum prepares students for careers in biochemical and biomedical research, biotechnology, and genetic engineering, and is ideal for those planning to go on to graduate programs in biochemistry, genetics, or cell/molecular biology as well as medical, dental, or veterinary schools. Students who choose this challenging program develop critical thinking skills, oral and written communication skills, and a deep understanding of many of science’s most fundamental questions.

  • At a liberal arts college, we have a great opportunity to take classes across many different departments and draw interdisciplinary connections; seize this chance while you can!

    Simran Handa BA ’19
    Mukilteo, Washington
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  • All my professors have played an important role in my education, not just academically but also by offering direction and support for life outside academics.

    Mollee Chenoweth BA ’22
    Highlands Ranch, Colorado
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  • Professors here truly care about students beyond academics, and it makes Lewis & Clark such a special place that feels like home.

    Jackson Thein BA ’18
    Burns, Oregon
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