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Are you interested in healthcare and healing? Welcome!


If you are pursuing medicine, nursing, physical therapy, or a clinical career, the Health Studies minor provides the narrative, psychological, and cultural contexts to supplement your coursework. If you are curious about fields such as public health, counseling, or healthcare policy, the minor offers you the statistical and scientific foundation necessary to pursue your path.

We recognize the central role public health plays in our lives and the value of a liberal arts approach to solving the world’s current and future health challenges. That’s why a multidisciplinary team of faculty here at Lewis & Clark have introduced the Health Studies minor, bringing together coursework, internship experiences, and scholarly activity across the sciences, social sciences, and humanities.

Students in our program have the opportunity to take learning out of the classroom and into the community through health-related internships, community collaborations, and overseas study.

  • I founded a nonprofit called CareMeKuc in the beginning of college that partners with local stakeholders to rehabilitate child soldiers in northern Uganda. As part of that, I worked with chemistry professor Janis Lochner to address local dietary health problems such as kwashiorkor.

    Max Clary BA ’18
    Evergreen, Colorado
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  • I immediately felt welcomed into such a loving and caring community.

    Saheli Singh BA ’22
    Pomona, California
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  • I work with a great team of students who all care about making sure that we provide a sense of community.

    Talia Lichtenberg BA ’20
    West Linn, Oregon
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