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Overseas and Off-Campus Programs

Application Steps

Below you will find a detailed list of application steps. It is your responsibility to ensure that your application is submitted before the due date.

**Application Checklist Here!**


The Application for Fall and Full Year 2021-2022 programs is now open! 

All application materials are due by 4:00 PM on the deadline.

Fall & Full-Year Programs
October 5, 2020

Year in Munich Program*
February 1, 2021

Spring Programs
February 8, 2021

Applications will not be accepted after the deadline. Around 25 students are admitted per program.

*The Year in Munich application is different than the standard application for other programs. Year in Munich Students should refer to the detailed application instructions halfway down this page or on the Germany: Munich profile page.

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Reference Request

Essay Questions

Advisor Approval Form


Application Advising

Part A: Online

The Overseas & Off-Campus Programs application system allows students to save their incomplete application using their Lewis & Clark email address. The application consists of four pages with the final page requiring 4-5 short answer essays, each with a maximum of 250 words. To preview the essays, please follow this link. We recommend drafting your essays in a word processing platform first, and later pasting them into the application portal. Completing your application will take about 30-45 minutes, excluding essays.

Prior to completing your application for study abroad through the Overseas & Off-Campus Programs office, please have the following information available:

  • Passport Information
  • Parent/Guardian Information
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Academic Information (student ID, GPA, major, anticipated graduation date, language(s) studied)
  • Passport photo - these photos are used as identification photos in our database, and should follow the same standards as a 2x2 passport style photo. Please read through this article for guidance on taking a passport photo, and make sure that your photo meets these State Department requirements. You can download an app, such as Passport Photo Booth (iOs and Android), or you can use the ‘Square’ mode on your phone. The US Department of State also has a photo cropping tool to resize your photo to the correct dimensions. You will submit the passport photo by uploading it to the last page of your application.

In addition to completing the substance of the application, you are required to send a reference request two academic recommenders of your choosing. Upon submitting the form, a reference request link will be sent to each of your indicated recommenders. References are due by the application deadline. In all cases, it is your responsibility to contact the recommender to request the reference.

  1. Email or meet with your recommender prior to completing this reference request for their approval. We require recommenders to be Lewis & Clark College professors. 

  2. When you submit the request form, an email will automatically be generated and sent to the email address listed on your reference request. That email will contain a link for the recommender to access your reference form.

    • Please ensure that you enter your correct student ID number as well as the correct email addresses for your recommenders.

  3. Once the recommendation is complete, send a thank you note to the recommender. Also, if you are ultimately accepted to the program, don’t forget to share the good news with your recommenders!

Part B: Materials

After submitting your application please follow these instructions for submitting a screenshot of your transcript.

    • If you have trouble taking a screenshot you can contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.

    • Transfer/First-Year Students: Submit your current course enrollment as found in WebAdvisor. Transfer students may submit their previous institution’s transcript, but it is not required.

    • The transcript screenshot will need to be sent to Format your subject line as Transcript Screenshot: Lastname, Firstname (e.g. Transcript Screenshot: Theroux_Paul)

  • Advisor Approval Form

    • Please complete the form digitally, and make an appointment with your Faculty or College Advisor to discuss how the program aligns with your academic goals at Lewis & Clark.

    • You should sign the form using the digital signature function of Adobe Reader (download it for free here).
    • Once your Advisor has digitally signed your form, submit the completed PDF via email to
    • Please note that we will not be accepting paper copies of the Advisor Approval form at this time.

Year of Study in Munich Application

**Printable Munich Checklist Here!**

Students applying to the Year in Munich program have a different application and admissions process than the students applying to other Lewis & Clark overseas programs. Your application will be comprised of some items for the Lewis & Clark Overseas & Off-Campus Programs office, and some items which will be sent to the host university (LMU) in Germany for review. It’s important to understand that your ability to participate in the program is based on the admissions decision of the LMU. If you do not submit all of your application materials by the deadline, or if the LMU decides not to offer you admission to the program, you will be ineligible to participate. Please contact us in advance of the deadline if you have any questions about the application process or required materials.

Part A: Online

❏      Overseas Application Form

○    Information Needed to Complete Application

❏      Passport Information

❏      Parent/Guardian Information

❏      Emergency Contact Information

❏      Academic Information (student ID, GPA, major, language(s) studied)

❏      Passport Photo - LC students can get their passport photos taken in the Resource Lab, and they can email students a digital copy to upload in their applications upon request. Non-LC students should check to see if there is an office on their campus that offers this service, but they can also have their passport photos taken at Walgreens, Costco, or other retailers that take passport photos. 

❏      Two Academic References  (only required for non-LC students


Part B: Materials

After submitting your online application, please gather/complete the following materials and either turn them in (LC students) or mail them (non-LC students):

Lewis & Clark College
Overseas & Off-Campus Programs
0615 SW Palatine Hill Rd, MSC 11
Portland, OR, 97219

❏     Official E-Transcript with Fall 2019 Grades (Digital Copy)

○   LC students can request their official transcript from the Registrar’s office by logging into WebAdvisor and clicking the ‘Order Official Transcripts’ link under the Academic Profile menu. Indicate on the form that the transcript should be sent to the Overseas Office’s email. There is a $5 fee for requesting your official transcript. 

○   Please note that this can take up to two weeks to receive once it has been ordered. Plan accordingly! 

○   Non-LC students should follow the standard procedures for ordering Official Transcripts on their campuses, and then email them to the Overseas Office. If your school does not have an E-Transcript option, you may mail an official transcript to the Overseas Office at the address above.

❏      Confirmation Form - Fill out an online form confirming that you want to participate in the program, and share health & insurance information with the Overseas Office. 

❏      Contract Form (Original Document) - Print and complete this form, found in the Materials folder. Turn it in or mail it to the Overseas Office at the address above. 

❏      Munich Information Packet* - Complete the electronic form found in the Materials folder and submit via email.

❏      Physician’s Form (Original Document) - Print this form found in the Materials folder and have a physician fill it out during a doctor’s appointment. Turn it in or mail it to the Overseas Office at the address above. 

❏      $300 Program Deposit

○   LC students: the deposit can be paid by cash or check at Student Account Services, or online.

○   Non-LC students: the deposit can be paid by check, mailed either to the Overseas Office or straight to Student Account Services:

Lewis & Clark College
Student and Departmental Account Services
0615 SW Palatine Hill Rd, MSC 150
Portland, OR, 97219

○   Please note: when paying with a check, the check should be made out to Lewis & Clark College. On the memo line, you should write ‘Overseas Program Deposit - Munich’

❏      Passport Scan* - Make sure that your passport is valid through six months after your program end date, and

that you have signed the “Signature of Bearer” line in pen. Then, scan it in color, and submit via email.

❏      CV* - Submit a PDF of your CV. Please use the template provided in the materials folder. 

❏      High School Transcript* - The university in Munich requires a digital copy of your official high school transcript.

❏      High School Diploma* - The university in Munich requires a digital copy of your high school diploma. 

Sophomore Waiver* (Rising sophomores only) - If you will be a sophomore during the program, the university in Munich requires a signed copy of the Sophomore Waiver. If you are going to be a sophomore during the program, please email the Overseas Office at and we will send the waiver to you. 

Spring Official E-Transcript (Digital Copy) - After the Spring semester has ended and Spring grades have been released, you will need to request another digital Official Transcript.

Social Security Number (Non-LC students only) - Call the Overseas Office (503-768-7295) to give your social security number. You should NOT send your Social Security Number in an email. 

*All documents submitted electronically can be emailed to

Tasks labeled (Original Document) must be turned in or mailed to the office.



Do I need a passport to apply?

Technically, no. However, if you are accepted, we do ask for a scan of your passport 30 days after acceptance. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get started on the passport process right away. (If you already have a passport, note that the passport needs to be valid 6 months following the end of the program!)

Applying to more than one program

You can only apply to one program per semester. If you submit more than one application, the applications will not be processed. If you are not selected for your first choice program you will have the opportunity to transfer your application to a program that is still accepting applications.

**If you are interested in applying to two programs in consecutive semesters, please contact the Overseas & Off-Campus Programs office for information. Admission to programs in consecutive semesters is not guaranteed.**

Second-Step Application

If you are applying to a program administered by a provider or partner university, your application has a two-step process. If admitted to a program by Lewis & Clark, you will also need to submit an application to the program provider. Please save your essay responses so that you can re-use them for your provider application.


In order to participate in the interview process, your file must be complete (including receipt of references).  Once the application deadline passes, all fully completed applicants will be added into a Google Classroom. Interview instructions will be posted in each program’s Google Classroom. Ensure that you accept the electronic invitation to Google Classroom as this will be the main forum for communication between your program leader(s)/coordinator(s). The interview will be conducted by the program leader, World Languages and Literature Department, and/or members of the Overseas & Off-Campus Programs staff.

The acceptance decision is determined by the program leader in close consultation with the Overseas & Off-Campus Programs Office. Notification of final decisions is sent through email prior to posting on the office bulletin board. Most programs accept an initial group of approximately 25 students.

CORE Requirement

Students who have not completed the CORE requirement cannot participate in a study abroad program. Please see the Undergraduate Catalog.