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  • 3:30pm: Boren Awards Info Session
    The Boren Awards offer generous scholarships to US students studying languages and cultures of importance to US national security. Michael Saffle, a representative for the Boren Awards, will be at Lewis & Clark on Wednesday October 31, 3:30PM in Miller 209 to present further information about their programs and answer questions about them. 
    If you are planning to study abroad in the next couple of years, the Boren Scholarship is a wonderful way to help cover the costs of the program. Please come to this event to learn more about it. Also, please share this information with others who you think may be interested in learning more about the Boren Awards programs.

    If you have any further questions please contact Professor. Keith Dede, he is a professor of Chinese and the Campus Representative for the Boren Awards (


  • Emma Grillo BA ’17 has gone from features editor at the student-run Pioneer Log to a staffer in the The New York Times newsroom, harnessing skills from her time in the classroom and on off-campus student programs. Her freelance work covering tech, arts, and culture regularly appears in national publications.

  • Ellie Miller BA ’20 was chosen as one of only six undergraduate students in the nation to participate in the Council of American Ambassadors (CAA) Fellowship program in Washington, D.C. A French and psychology double major with a focus in Arabic, Miller stood out in a field packed with international affairs and political science majors. 

  • After years of specimen collecting, venom milking, and proteomic sequencing, arachnologist and Lewis & Clark Professor of Biology Greta Binford and her team have published evidence to put to rest a longstanding urban legend: the venom of the daddy long-legs spider won’t hurt you. Their research appears in the new issue of Frontiers in Evolution and Ecology.

  • Grace Starling BA '20 taking in the sights during her time in Oman.
    Grace Starling BA ’20 is spending the summer in Oman intensively studying Arabic through the Critical Language Scholarship Program. The highly immersive eight-week program is equivalent to one year of college language studies. 

  • Karla and Sahana at Meetup Night.
    Our Community Friends Program matches international students with local resident volunteers to help them feel welcome and at home during their time at Lewis & Clark College.

  • Peter Bradley BA '19. Photo by Ben Ritter Photography .

    Lewis & Clark has been a top 10 producer of Fulbright scholars in recent years. Peter Bradley BA ’19 has received an English Teaching Fellowship to Argentina and adds to the long list of Lewis & Clark recipients aiming to improve intercultural relations.

  • Grace Mehlhaff BA ’16, on assignment as an education volunteer in Namibia.
    For the seventh time in the last 10 years, the Peace Corps this week named Lewis & Clark to the agency’s 2018 Top Volunteer-Producing Colleges and Universities list. Nine Lewis & Clark alumni currently volunteer worldwide. Since the Peace Corps’ founding in 1961, nearly 400 Lewis & Clark alumni have served overseas.

  • Bradley Davis BA ’18, Caia Jaisle BA ’18, and Kelley Koeppen BA ’18 have been chosen to participate in the Fulbright program, a highly competitive award which fosters international scholarship and understanding through travel and research.

  • Matthew Nelson BA ’08 has turned a passion for language and literature into a career as an English language fellow with the U.S. Department of State in Nepal. Going beyond the traditional framework of language instruction abroad, Nelson incorporates filmmaking, digital storytelling, and coding into his teaching.

  • Check out the new Overseas & Off-Campus Programs promo video, created by Liza Tugangui ’18.

  • At Lewis & Clark, we believe that language is the key to understanding the world, which is why we offer study in nine languages: Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Latin, and Classical Greek. Studying abroad on one of our language intensive programs is another great way to further your your proficiency and become immersed in both the language and culture of the host country. 

  • The fourth annual student-run symposium, History and Movement: Transition in the Middle East, explores the development of modern and historical discourse through the lens of transition. Students will discuss gender, religion, politics, and the implications of continuity and change in the region over time. The symposium takes place Monday, February 19 through Wednesday, February 21.