The Overseas & Off-Campus Programs Office will share current visa information with students via Google Classroom. If you apply too early, you will be at risk of your visa expiring while you are still participating in your program.

As you prepare to obtain your visa, it is important for you to recognize that although it can be a challenging process that it is also a process that will teach you many skills that you will apply to your life as a student and professional. Part of what makes the process challenging is that there isn’t a “one size fits all” way to process the visa. Therefore, please take the time to read through all information carefully.

Keep in mind that Overseas & Off-Campus Programs at Lewis & Clark College does not guarantee the outcome of any visa application. We have no control over a particular Embassy or Consulate’s visa decision. The visa suggestions we offer are subject to change and are given based on information we receive from the Embassy or Consulate. All costs associated with visa applications are the responsibility of the student applicant. 

There are several factors that affect how you will obtain your visa:

  1. If your program is sponsored by a program provider (CIEE, CYA, CET, IES, FIE, etc.) you will work with that program provider to obtain your visa. However, in preparation, we ask that you visit the consulate website for the country where you will study to begin compiling the documents that you will need to send to the program provider to obtain your visa.
  2. If you are not going on a program with a provider affiliate you will need to apply for your own visa directly with the consulate under whose jurisdiction your permanent address belongs, or your LC address. We highly encourage you to consider working with a visa processing agency (such as Travisa) if you feel that the process is too onerous.
  3. There are some programs where you enter with a support letter and then receive the visa upon arrival.
  4. There are some programs where you enter as a tourist. Then, upon arrival, you work with the on-site staff to obtain a residency permit.

Non-U.S. passport holders: It is your responsibility to research the requirements, apply, and obtain the documents needed to apply for a visa. You must email to request any supporting documents. Please make requests in a timely manner, as it can take time to produce the necessary documents.