Pre-Departure & Health Resources

Pre-Departure Handbooks

Travel Resources, Flight Information & Scholarships

This handbook will provide information on passports, visas, how to book your flight abroad, and more. Please read through the travel resource handbook carefully before finalizing any travel arrangements. 

Identity, Culture, Transitions & Goal Setting

We encourage you to use the resources in this handbook (writing prompts, identity exercises, blogs, travel tips, etc.) to help prepare yourself for your overseas program.

Mental Health Abroad

My SSP App (Student Support Program)

Overseas & Off-Campus Program participants can access free counseling and support anywhere in the world by downloading the app or by phone. Students can connect 24/7 through mobile, web chat, telephone, or video with registered clinical counselors by:

  • Downloading the free My SSP App
    • Through the app, they can start an instant chat with a Student Support Advisor (no appointment needed) or browse useful articles and videos made specifically for them. Search ‘My SSP’ from either the Apple App Store or Google Play and download today.
    • Here’s a video on how to download the My SSP App.
  • Calling 1.866.743.7732 (If calling from outside North America, dial 001.416.380.6578) 
    • Immediate or scheduled sessions available with a Student Support Advisor in their preferred language and at no cost to the student. Ongoing support available via phone or video.
  • Visiting
    • Chat with an Advisor online or browse student-related resources, articles, videos and more.

Accessibility & Accommodations

Students with disabilities who anticipate needing any support or accommodation during their Overseas or Off-Campus program are encouraged to discuss their needs with the Overseas & Off-Campus Programs staff early in the process of selecting a program. Students are encouraged to schedule a consultation about their needs with the Office of Student Accessibility. College staff will conduct an individualized assessment of each student’s needs and discuss potential plans for maximizing access to activities and programs.

Travel Resources

Sexual Assault Support & Help for Americans Abroad (SASHAA)

While the responsibility of ending sexual gender-based violence is on the perpetrators, this guide will offer general safety tips, country-specific information, and resources to help prevent and prepare travelers for the possibility of sexual assault abroad.

Student Identities & Study Abroad

Below is a list of websites with resources regarding identity and study abroad. If you have any questions about the resources below, or would like to speak with our office about your identity and traveling abroad, please contact Kaitlin Sommerfeld (, Assistant Director of Overseas & Off-Campus Programs. 

Racial & Ethnic Identities & Study Abroad

LGBTQIA+ Identities & Study Abroad

Religious & Spiritual Identity & Study Abroad


General Resources for International Travelers
Voting from Abroad

This site allows you to request an absentee ballot from abroad if your program coincides with an election.

The Responsible Traveler

This article highlights seven general tips for a successful travel experience. 

Avoiding Jet Lag & Ten Guidelines for International Travel

This document offers strategies for avoiding jet lag during your travels and outlines general guidelines for international travel. 

Minimizing Risks During Overseas Travel

Please read through this document and consider how you can minimize your exposure to risk during your overseas program. 

Recommendations for First Aid Kit & Water Purification

This document offers suggestions about what to pack in a first aid kit when traveling abroad and outlines water purification methods. 

The Prevention & Treatment of Travelers Diarrhea

This document provides information about travelers diarrhea, outlines steps you can take to prevent this illness, and describes what you should do if you get travelers diarrhea while you are abroad. 

HIV Infection & International Travel

This document discusses ways to minimize the risk of HIV infection during your time abroad. 

Rabies & Travel

This document provides information about rabies prevention tips and treatment. 

Insect Precautions

This document highlights measures you should take to protect yourself from insects while you are overseas. 

Preventing Malaria in Travelers

Please read through the travel resource if your program takes place in a location where malaria is a concern. Check the CDC website linked on your program page for more information.