Overseas & Off-Campus Programs Cost 2021-2022

You can access the Overseas Program Fee through the Lewis and Clark Tuition and Fees page.

The fee is listed among regular LC tuition and fees so that you can compare the cost to a regular semester on campus. The Overseas program fee includes tuition, room and board, on-site transportation & excursions, and supplemental travel insurance. Note: The program fee does not cover airfare to and from the program location. 


Payment of the program fee begins with a $300 non-refundable deposit payable within 30 days after acceptance, the balance to be paid in full by the date established in the payment schedule included in the student’s acceptance letter. 

Change to Munich Cost Structure:
A change in the pricing for the Year in Munich program, which will take effect for the 2021-2022 academic year, was approved by the Board of Trustees in December 2020. 

The pricing for the Munich program has been altered to be the same as the pricing for all of our other programs. As with any of our other programs, students on the Year in Munich program are able to apply their financial aid package toward the cost of the program (with the exception of federal or institutional work study). Under the new cost structure, there are no additional fees exclusively for the Munich program. The Year in Munich program has been added to the payment schedule for the 2021-2022 academic year, linked above.

Withdrawal of Participant:

In the event that a student withdraws from a Lewis & Clark Overseas Program, or is dismissed from the program, the following fees will apply:

If withdrawal occurs three months or more before the beginning of the semester (based on the Lewis & Clark academic calendar) the participant will be responsible for the $300 non-refundable deposit. 

If withdrawal occurs less than three months before the beginning of the semester (based on the Lewis & Clark academic calendar) the participant will be responsible for paying a penalty of $3,000 (includes non-refundable deposit).

If withdrawal occurs at, or after, the beginning of the semester (based on the Lewis & Clark academic calendar) tuition and program fees will be prorated on a per-day basis, up to the 60-percent point in the semester. After the 60-percent point in the semester, the charges for tuition and program fees are not adjusted.

The College reserves the right to add any fees incurred by Participant to Participant’s student account, and to refuse registration, provision of transcripts and issuance of degrees until all fees are paid in full. Click here for more information.

Students anticipating any difficulty in meeting payment deadlines should notify the Overseas & Off-Campus Programs Office immediately so as not to be dropped from the program and perhaps penalized financially. Monthly payment plans are an option! Find detailed information about options for settling your account here

Financial Aid:

Lewis & Clark College subsidizes the overseas program by allowing students to use financial aid for on-campus study toward the total fee.

Financial Aid may be applied to official College programs including aid for the summer semester. 

For a list of scholarship opportunities and other resources, click here