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Overseas and Off-Campus Programs

Resources for Faculty & Staff

Lewis and Clark faculty have been leading Overseas and Off-Campus programs since 1962! Here is a list of leaders by semester:

Program Leaders (by date) 

And here is a list by program location: 

Program Leaders (by location)

If you want to compare programs side-by-side, this chart lists them all:

Advisor Program Chart

Overseas & Off-Campus Programs Committee (OOPC)

As a subcommittee of the Curriculum Committee, the OOPC is charged with supervising the development and implementation of various aspects of overseas and off-campus study, including:

  • Reviewing proposals to create new programs; advising on program development; making recommendations to the Curriculum Committee regarding approval.
  • Reviewing program leader applications and selection of program leaders.
  • Advising on the scope and extent of Overseas and Off-Campus program offerings

Leader Application Policies and Procedures

Applications to lead overseas and off campus programs are invited from all faculty and staff with experience working directly with students in a teaching capacity.

The call for applications to lead programs is typically made in the spring semester, with applications due in early October of the following academic year.  In general, applications will be invited 2-3 years in advance of the scheduled program.

The Overseas and Off-Campus Programs Committee is charged with reviewing applications and selecting program leaders.

The following criteria and considerations are taken into account when reviewing program leader applications:

• Qualifications, interests and goals of the applicant as expressed in the application

• Priority is given to faculty, with preference for those with tenure

• Consideration is given to applicants involved in the establishment and ongoing development of overseas and off-campus programs for which they are applying

• Consideration of student experience and strategic needs across the full range of program offerings

Current list of committee members

  • Bruce Podobnik: Chair
  • Isabelle DeMarte: CC representative
  • Michael Broide
  • Emma Celebrezze: Student representative
  • John Krussel (Ex-officio)
  • Blythe Knott (Ex-officio)
  • Nicole Schneider (Ex-officio)
  • Xi Zhong (Ex-officio)

Overseas & Off-Campus Program Leaders

Program Leader Application

New Program Proposal

2021/2022 Academic Year:

Applications to lead the following programs are due by 4pm on Friday, October 4, 2019: 

  • Fall 2021: India
  • Spring 2022: Australia
  • Spring 2022: London: Fine Arts - you must be a member of the arts faculty to apply
  • Spring 2022: Morocco - please include a statement on a four-class module you would teach for the “Moroccan Modernity” course. 

Please have your department chair sign your application, and then bring the hard copy to the Dean’s office for their signature (you can leave your application at the front desk). The Dean’s office will then deliver signed applications to Blythe Knott, to distribute to the OOPC committee. 

If you have any questions about the programs and/or the responsibilities of the Faculty Leader for each program, contact Blythe Knott at x7296, or at If you have questions about the application process, contact Blythe Knott or OOPC chair Isabelle DeMarte (at x7426 or

Quick Facts: Faculty-led Programs
Country Semester Is there a specific academic focus?

Is there a language require- ment?

Will I be teaching a course?

Will I be grading assign- ments/ assisting with independent projects?

Should     I have a love for the outdoors?

Will I be living in multiple locations?
Australia Spring

Regional Area Study

No No Yes Yes Yes
Australia Spring/Every 3 years Biology No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Australia Summer Psychology No No Yes No No


Spring Regional Area Study w/ Language Yes Yes Yes No No
East Africa Fall

Regional Area Study

No No Yes Yes Yes
East Africa Fall/Every 3 years


No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ecuador Spring

Regional Area Study w/ Language

Yes No No Yes No
England: London Fall Humanities No Yes Yes No No

England: London

Spring Fine Arts No No  Yes  No No 
Germany: Berlin Fall Chemistry  No  Yes Yes No No
Greece Fall Classical/ Religious Studies  No Possibly Yes No Yes
India Fall Regional Area Study No Possibly Yes  No Yes
Ireland Spring Social Sciences No No Yes No No
Italy Spring Regional Area Study Yes No Yes No No
Morocco Spring Regional Area Study Yes Possibly Yes No Yes
New York City Fall Regional Area Study/ Internship No Yes Yes No No
New Zealand Spring Regional Area Study No Possibly Yes Yes Yes
New Zealand Spring Biology No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spain: Seville Spring Regional Area Study w/ Language Yes No No No No
SE Asia Fall Regional Area Study No Yes Yes Yes Yes

Washington DC

Fall Regional Area Study/ Internship No Yes Yes No No