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Photo Contest

2019 International Photo Contest 

In celebration of International Education week (November 18 – 22, 2019), the Overseas & Off-Campus Programs Office is launching our fourth annual International Photo Contest! This is a contest specifically for students that went on Fall 2018, Spring 2019, and Full Year 2018-2019 Lewis & Clark overseas programs.

Categories for Submission:

There are three different categories for submission: The Natural World, Putting the Study in Study Abroad, and Essence of Host City. You may submit one photo per category, and there will be one winner per category.

 The Natural World: A picture that captures the naturally occurring places and features you encountered during your time abroad. 

 Putting the Study in Study Abroad: A picture that illustrates the educational component of your program, either inside the classroom or out!

 Essence of Host City: A picture that captures what you believe to be the essence of the city in which you studied.

How to enter:

  • Submit your photo contest entries by the deadline: December 2nd, 2019 by 4:00 PM.
  • Photos should be submitted via email to as a JPEG attachment using the subject line “International Photo Contest”
    • Photos are expected to be high resolution to allow for large prints and website features.
  • Each participant is permitted to submit one photo for each of the three categories.
  • Please title your image as follows: Location_Title_Full Name
  • In the body of your email please include:
    • Your full name
    • LC ID#
    • LC Program location, semester, and year
    • Title and brief description of your picture, including the category in which you would like your photo entered.
    • Signed Photo Permission Form

Judging and Voting

Photos will be displayed on Instagram and winners will be determined by the number of likes each photo receives in each category. There will only be one winner for each category. All members of the LC community can participate in voting for their favorite photo!

Voting will take place between December 3rd - 6th, 2019. Voting will close at 4:00 PM on December 6th. The winners will be announced via Instagram on December 9th.

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram in order to participate!

Prizes for Winners:

The winning photos from each category will be featured on our website, shared on our social media accounts, and printed and displayed in the Polyglot and Watzek Library.

The winner of each category will also receive a $50 gift card to Amazon.

Questions: Email with any questions about the Photo Contest!

2018 Photo Contest Winners:

Winner of the Putting the ‘Study in Study Abroad Category

How Much Dim Sum Can One Eat - Kodai Kubota - Beijing, China (Spring 2018)

“My independent study on how many dumplings one can eat in a day. Results were …. regretful.”


Winner of the Essence of the Host City Category

Birds and Boats on the Ganges - Ella Bock - India (Fall 2017)

“This was taken in the early morning on the boat with my host family while we were feeding the birds on the Ganges in Varanasi.”


Winner of the Natural World Category

Lake of the Moon - Hannah Ring - India (Fall 2017)

“Chandratal Lake (translated; Lake of the Moon), located in Spiti Valley, lies at 14,100ft. in the Himalayas.”


2017 Photo Contest Winners: 


Winner of the Putting the Study in Study Abroad category Jocelyn Mah - Strasbourg, France (Full y...

Winner of the Putting the Study in Study Abroad category 

Me inside the Witch’s Eye, Thann

“I had to do a village project in Alsace to learn more about the culture and history of a small village, Thann. I was intrigued by the miracle origin of Thann and I visited there in May 2017. I was standing inside the Witch’s Eye looking at the village.” - Jocelyn Mah - Strasbourg, France. (Full year 2016-2017)


Winner of The Natural World category 


“It was taken at a lush, small park on campus at Peking University. During the spring, an abundance of flowers bloom throughout campus and the city, drastically changing the otherwise monotone wash over the concrete jungle of Beijing. Despite the constant smog, pollution (evident in the photo’s hazy grey sky), and heavy presence of human life, these flowers blossom every spring, a symbol of nature persevering. In the background is a pagoda, a place of worship, making it a reminder of the omnipresence of humans in China. My walk to class every day went through this park, so every day I had the pleasure of being immersed in nature for a moment before being pushed back in the bustling city. In retrospect, this little oasis, especially the sweet smell of blossoms amidst the pungent odor from the smog, allowed myself to persevere through various hardships of studying abroad.” - Katja Nykaza. Beijing, China (Spring 2017)


Winner of the Essence of Host City Category 
Fujiko - Nhi Ho. Fuji, Japan (Summer 2017)


2016 Photo Contest Winners:


Winner of the Putting the Study in Study Abroad category 

The Blue City

“A photo I took on a weekend trip to Morocco. During my semester in Spain we learned about Spanish history. In many of our classes, we spent time focusing on the historical influence of African culture, specifically Moroccan, that exists in Spain. On a weekend trip to Morocco I visited multiple cities and locations and learned about the transculturation between the two countries. The man in the photo was a tour guide we had when we visited Chefchaouen, a city painted entirely blue in the north of Morocco.” - Izzy Fikso - Alicante, Spain. (Spring 2016)


Winner of The Natural World category 

West Lake in the Morning

“One weekend I took the train to Hangzhou to visit a friend and we toured the 2,000 year old West Lake on a foggy morning.” - Ian Macdonald. Beijing (Spring 2016)


Winner of the Essence of Host City Category 

El Castillo

“A photo I took on one of my first nights abroad. It is a photo from the top of perhaps one of the most famous sites in Alicante, the Castle of Santa Barbara. The Spanish flag and the castle itself speak to the rich historical sense of the country. My friend Sully is the girl in the photo looking over the city and enjoying the sunset. During my time abroad I watched many sunsets from the top of the castle surrounded by locals, tourists, and other students.” - Izzy Fikso. Alicante, Spain (Spring 2016)