Program Accommodations

We strive to help make studying abroad as accessible as possible. However, please understand that we are limited by the availability of accommodations outside the U.S. Students with disabilities who anticipate needing any support or accommodation during their Overseas or Off-Campus program are encouraged to discuss their needs with the Overseas & Off-Campus Programs staff early in the process of selecting a program. Students are encouraged to schedule a consultation about their needs with the Office of Student Accessibility. College staff will conduct an individualized assessment of each student’s needs and discuss potential plans for maximizing access to activities and programs. Potential participants should be aware that many other countries do not have accessibility standards that meet the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements developed for the United States. As a result, the College cannot ensure that all students with disabilities can be accommodated on all of our overseas programs. This is especially true of assistance animals, given the specific relationship to the Fair Housing Act and the variability of animal regulations abroad. When a student’s needs cannot be accommodated in a particular activity or program, staff will explore with the student whether potential alternative educational experiences or programs are available.