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Ethnomusicology/World Music


Does culture make music, or does music create culture?  How do musical structures relate to social structures?  How does music relate to politics and political activism?  What can the study of music tell us about gender, religion, class, and personal identity?  Gain the tools you need to explore these questions and more in ethnomusicology courses at Lewis and Clark.


Ethnomusicology Course Offerings (Taught by Kaley Mason):

MUS 106: Introduction to World Music

MUS 236: Music of Asia

MUS 237: Music of Latin America

MUS 142: Music and Social Justice

MUS 307: Advanced Seminar in Music (Alternates between ethnomusicological and musicological topics)


World Music Performance

One of the best ways to understand a musical culture is to learn to play, sing, or dance.  Lewis & Clark houses an African marimba ensemble, a gorgeous antique Indonesian gamelan, and offers instruction in other traditional music from around the globe, from North Indian vocals, sitar and tabla to Zimbabwean mbira and Flamenco guitar. Every semester the students will have the opportunity to perform on campus as soloists or in the ensembles of their choice, thus sharing their experiences with the rest of the campus community.  In odd-numbered summers, the music department-affiliated overseas program in Accra, Ghana provides students with the opportunity to study culture, music, and dance with Ghanaian masters. 


Course offerings:

MUP 121: Gamelan Ensemble (Mindy Johnston)

MUP 125: African Mbira Class (Nathan Beck)

MUP 138: Beginning African Marimba Ensemble (Eric Miller)

MUP 150: Beginning Ghanaian Music and Dance (Alex Addy)

MUP 250: Intermediate Ghanaian Music and Dance (Alex Addy)

MUP 152: Hindustani Voice Class (Michael Stirling)

MUP 153: Hindustani Voice Private Lessons (Michael Stirling)

MUP 154: Beginning Indian Instrumental Music Class (Joshua Feinberg)

MUP 155: Sitar Private Lessons (Joshua Feinberg)

MUP 157: Tabla Private Lessons (Ravi Albright)

MUP 158: Charango Private Lessons (Freddy Vilches)

MUP 159: Cuatro Private Lessons (Freddy Vilches)

MUP 161: Fiddle Private Lessons (Luke Price)

MUP 166: Folk Guitar Private Lessons (Julia Banzi)

MUP 169: Flamenco Guitar Private Lessons (Julia Banzi)

MUP 197: Ghanaian Percussion Private Lessons (Alex Addy)


Lewis & Clark College Marimba WorkshopLewis & Clark College Marimba WorkshopGamelan tuning engages studentsGamelan tuning engages students

Raga singing students with instructor Michael StirlingRaga singing students with instructor Michael Stirling

Michael Stirling with raga singing classMichael Stirling with raga singing class