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Lewis & Clark offers merit-based music scholarships to students who demonstrate outstanding skill and potential in their instrument, voice part, and/or in music composition. Incoming students, transfer students, and current students are eligible to audition once per academic year. Applications are due in January and auditions take place in February. Awarded scholarships will apply in the following fall semester.

Please note that music scholarship applications are separate from Lewis & Clark College applications.  The below refers only to what is needed to apply and audition for a music scholarship.

Continuing students who audition for music scholarships are eligible to receive “Music Excellence Awards.” These are merit-based, limited scholarships, and may augment a student’s current scholarship.

Continuing students who are non-majors involved in the music department may also audition for lesson scholarships to offset the cost of private lessons on their voice or instrument for their remaining time at Lewis & Clark. Receiving this scholarship will require the student to participate in the appropriate ensemble each semester they are on campus. 

Fast Facts

Some scholarships are available to all Lewis & Clark students, regardless of major, and others are available only to declared music majors (see “Named Scholarships” section below for specifics.) The amount of funds given out each year varies. Awards start at $550 per semester (covering the fee to participate in private lessons) and may also include funding to offset tuition costs. Music merit scholarships, known as Tholen Lesson Scholarships, combine with need-based financial aid offered by the college to make tuition expenses more affordable. Scholarships are automatically renewed each academic year, provided the recipient continues to fulfill the obligations of their award – participating in private lessons and performing in the appropriate Lewis & Clark music ensemble, i.e. orchestra, choir, wind symphony, or jazz combos. Students may audition on more than one instrument if they demonstrate outstanding skill on both. To do so, students must complete two separate applications.

Music majors who audition for and receive merit scholarships will have their primary instrument lessons paid for as a Tholen Lesson Scholarship; majors who do not receive a merit scholarship will receive waivers for their primary instrument lessons.  The department will also waive the cost of up to four semesters of piano lessons. Music majors receiving scholarships, who wish to take a third set of lessons for a third instrument that they study seriously, can petition the department for an additional waiver, as limited funds are available for additional lessons. 

How To Apply

Complete the appropriate application below.  Note that these applications are for a music scholarship and not admittance to Lewis & Clark College.

The applications for the 21/22 school year will open on October 1, 2020. All applications and audition recordings must be received by February 13, 2021.




Audition Requirements


Music composition scholarship applicants should submit the following by February 13, 2021:

1) at least two original scores in PDF format, sent via email to

2) links to sound files (live performances are preferable to midi realizations), submitted through the online application

It is preferable that both scores and sound files are included for each work submitted.


We will not be hosting a live Scholarship Audition Day during the 20/21 school year. Applicants should submit a recorded audition using the below criteria. If you have signed up for a campus visit through Admissions and wish to meet with music faculty as well, please email or contact the faculty member you would like to meet with directly. Please click here for a full list of music faculty.

All performance scholarship auditions should demonstrate your abilities to date. If instrumental, please perform 10-15 minutes of music, either one or two short movements or a longer work, demonstrating contrasting styles. Vocalists should perform at least two separate pieces representing different styles you have studied (for example, aria, art song, and musical theater selections); we wish to hear at least one piece in a foreign language and at least one piece using classical vocal technique.

Applicants should upload their video recording (with good audio and video quality) to YouTube and email the link to by the deadline. Please make sure that your link is publicly viewable by anyone with the link (no password necessary). Please provide the titles and composers of your selections in either the email or the video. Auditions will be viewed by members of the Lewis & Clark College music faculty.

All recorded auditions must be received by February 13, 2021.

For more information on available scholarships and how to apply, contact Becky Guderian at 503-768-7460, or email



The Lewis & Clark College music department offers several named music scholarships, designed by our donors to foster excellence in a variety of musical areas.  Non-music majors are eligible for all named scholarships except for the Betsy Russell Scholarship. 

Betsy Russell ’81 Music Composition Scholarship

The Betsy Russell ’81 Music Composition Scholarship was established by music alumna Betsy Russell in order to celebrate emerging composers in the greater Portland area.  Ms. Russell has a long-standing relationship with the College and a special interest in supporting new music.  Her commitment to the arts will allow Lewis & Clark’s music program to attract and retain fresh talent and promote and reward new compositions from young musicians.


The scholarship will provide a $5,000 tuition award to a music major with a focus on composition.  The award will be competitive and merit-based.  The selection committee will be comprised of faculty of the music department and perhaps a music alumnus/a with experience in composition. The award recipient will also receive up to $400 per Russell award year for professional performance(s) of their composition(s). Recipient may re-apply for future years, but there is a separate selection process for every year.  However, if they do not receive the Russell scholarship again, the department will still renew tuition funding at the same level, assuming they remain in good standing.


  1. Competitive, merit-based; students will compete for award by submitting a portfolio of their work to music faculty
  2. Current music major with a focus on composition OR incoming student intending to declare a music major with a focus on composition
  3. During award year, recipient will discuss with composition faculty which composition(s) would best be suitable for performance(s) by professional musicians, as well as the appropriate venue(s).

Size and Duration of the Award

This fund is non-endowed.  Scholarship funding will be provided by the donor on an annual basis. The award will be a $5,000 tuition scholarship.

Student Recipient Commitment

The recipient of this award will be asked to:

  1. Write to the donor to apprise her of his/her/their progress at Lewis & Clark
  2. Attend the annual scholarship luncheon to meet with the donor
  3. Work with composition faculty to select a work to be performed by a professional ensemble in a public performance or performances
  4. Invite the donor to senior recital, if applicable


Bailey Concertmaster Scholarship

The Bailey Concertmaster Scholarship was funded in 2011 by Bruce Bailey and Mariel Bailey ’72 to celebrate classical music and provide an incentive and a reward for the concertmaster of the Lewis & Clark orchestra.  

Mariel Bailey studied with Dr. Paul Bellam as an undergraduate at Lewis & Clark.  Mariel went on to play for the Seattle Symphony Orchestra and currently holds the position of Section First Violinist.  Her husband, Bruce, plays for the same orchestra.  Mariel and Bruce enjoy the outdoors, collecting musical scores, and spending time with their dog.


The scholarship will provide a merit-based award to the student who is named the concertmaster or mistress in the Lewis & Clark Orchestra (first chair violin). The selection will be made by the orchestra conductor, in consultation with the violin instructor and the music department chair.


a. Merit-based with selection by music faculty

b. Recipient must occupy first chair violin in the LC orchestra

Size of the Award

This fund is endowed and the amount of the award will depend on the endowment earnings and Lewis & Clark’s spending guidelines, but will usually be about $2,500.

Student Recipient Commitment

The recipient of this award will:

a. Annually write to the donor to apprise of his/her progress at Lewis & Clark

b. Invite the donor to at least one orchestral performance and his/her/their senior recital


The Reinhard and Constance Pauly Orchestral Strings Scholarship

The Reinhard and Constance Pauly Orchestral Strings Scholarship was established in 2013 to enhance the Lewis & Clark strings program by providing merit-based tuition scholarships as well as lesson scholarships to students of the violin, viola, cello, and double bass.

Dr. Reinhard Pauly was a long-time member of the music faculty where he taught music history and chaired the department. He also played viola with the Portland Opera Orchestra for many years. Students may be awarded a Pauly scholarship regardless of financial need or academic major. Recipients must enroll for lessons in their instrument and play in the orchestra each term they are on campus. They may renew their scholarship by demonstrating satisfactory progress as determined by their principal teacher.


Cynthia Lois Brown Organ Scholarship

Cynthia Lois Brown Organ Scholarships were established to support students interested in studying the organ as a part of a liberal arts education. The late Cynthia Lois Brown, a student of Lewis & Clark organist and Professor of Music Emeritus, Dr. Lee Garrett, provided the endowment for these scholarships.

Recipients do not need to major in music, but they must have prior keyboard experience in order to take full advantage of the College’s rich program of learning about the organ and its music (there are three fine pipe organs at Lewis & Clark). Scholarships are awarded on the basis of both merit and need and may be renewed, pending students’ satisfactory progress.

Photo below: the Casavant Organ located in the Agnes Flanagan Chapel