At Lewis & Clark, we think demonstrating outstanding skill and potential in an instrument, voice part, and/or music composition deserves recognition, which is why we offer merit-based music scholarships, regardless of your major.

These scholarships range from $1,400 per year, which covers the cost of applied lessons, to approximately $6,000 per year. The amount of aid a student receives is contingent upon their audition and financial need.

Scholarships are automatically renewed each academic year, provided the recipient continues to fulfill the obligations of their award: participating in private lessons and performing in the appropriate Lewis & Clark music ensemble, i.e. orchestra, choir, wind symphony, or jazz combos.

Incoming students, transfer students, and current students are eligible to audition once per academic year. Applications are due in January and auditions take place in February. Awarded scholarships will apply in the following fall semester.

Students may audition on more than one instrument if they demonstrate outstanding skill on both. To do so, students must complete two separate applications.

If you have signed up for a campus visit with Admissions and wish to meet with music faculty, please email or contact the faculty member directly.

For more information on available scholarships and how to apply, email


Prospective Lewis & Clark Students

The 2024/2025 music scholarship application for prospective students can be found here.

Please note: only students who have applied to Lewis & Clark College are eligible for scholarship consideration. The application and audition deadline has been extended to March 15, 2024. 

Transfer Students

Transfer student due dates and guidelines are the same as they are for incoming first-year students (see above.)


Applicants can audition in person or submit a recorded audition. All live auditions are scheduled on an individual basis. Email to schedule a live audition. Live auditions must take place by March 15th, 2024.

If you are submitting a recorded audition, upload your video recording (with good audio and video quality) to YouTube and email the link(s) to by March 15th, 2024.

  • Make sure that your link is publicly viewable by anyone with the link (no password necessary).
  • Provide the titles and composers of your selections in either the email or the video.

Audition Requirements


Music composition scholarship applicants should submit the following:

  • at least two original scores in PDF format, sent via email to
  • links to sound files (live performances are preferable to midi realizations), submitted through the online application

It is preferable that both scores and sound files are included for each work submitted.


All performance scholarship auditions should demonstrate your abilities to date. Repertoire criteria are as follows:

  • If instrumental, please perform 10-15 minutes of music, either one or two short movements or a longer work, demonstrating contrasting styles.
  • Vocalists should perform at least two separate pieces representing different styles you have studied (for example, aria, art song, and musical theatre selections).
    • We want to hear at least one piece in a foreign language and at least one piece using classical vocal technique.

Continuing Student Scholarships/Awards

Current/continuing students are eligible to receive Music Excellence Awards, which are merit-based, limited scholarships and may augment a student’s current scholarship. Current LC students should apply for a music scholarship using the Continuing Student Music Scholarship Application Form. Audition requirements can be found in the above section. Continuing students must submit their audition materials by April 23rd, 2024.

Music majors who receive merit scholarships will have their primary instrument lessons paid for as a Tholen Lesson Scholarship. Music majors who do not receive a merit scholarship will receive waivers for their primary instrument lessons. The department will also waive the cost of up to four semesters of piano lessons. Music majors who receive scholarships and wish to take lessons for a third instrument that they study seriously can petition the department for an additional waiver.

Named Scholarships

We offer several named music scholarships designed by our donors to foster excellence in a variety of musical areas. Students of all majors are eligible for named scholarships.