Applied Lessons and Performance Classes

The applied lessons faculty of the Lewis & Clark Music department consists of outstanding professional musicians who perform actively with groups such as the Oregon Symphony, Portland Opera, Third Angle New Music, Fear No Music, Al Andalus Ensemble, and Lewis & Clark faculty ensembles. They are dedicated teachers who foster students’ individual growth through a personalized program of instruction. 

Private Lessons                                                                                                              

Students may enroll in applied lessons each semester for one credit. Music majors will have their primary instrument lessons waived as well as two semesters of group piano so that they can complete the proficiency sequence. All students are welcome to audition for a music scholarship, which covers the cost of lessons in full. Scholarship auditions take place during February of each year for prospective and current students. The lesson cost is otherwise $700 per semester. 

Non-composition music majors who wish to take a third set of lessons for an instrument that they study seriously can petition the department for an additional waiver, as limited funds are available for additional lessons. To petition the department, students must put into writing why they think they should have an additional set of lessons waived (i.e. do they intend to play the instrument on their capstone recital senior year?) and send it to

Beginning Performance Classes                                                                     

Another option for students wishing to study an instrument or voice is to enroll in a beginning performance class for a $150 fee. Beginning classes are available in piano, voice, and guitar.

How to Register                                                                                                    

To begin the process of enrolling for lessons, please contact your instructor as early as possible to arrange a first meeting at the beginning of the semester. See the list of instruments and instructors below. 

Graduate students and law school students can register for lessons by completing a Cross-Registration Form and submitting it to the CAS Registrar at

For instruments with multiple instructors, please contact the appropriate area coordinator or instructor shown below, who will ensure that you are placed with the instructor best suited to your needs: Piano: Susan Smith; Voice: Susan McBerry; Violin: Lance Inouye; Guitar: Dan Balmer (Jazz), Julia Banzi (Flamenco and Folk), John Mery (Classical).

Please see the list below for a list of private lessons, group classes, and faculty members to contact to be placed with an instructor. For a more detailed list of applied lessons and performance classes, please visit this page in the Undergraduate Catalog

A full list of instructor biographies can be found here.

Private Lessons
Instrument/Voice Faculty
Flute/Piccolo Sarah Tiedemann
Oboe/English Horn Catherine Lee
Clarinet/Bass Clarinet Dunja Marcum
Saxophone (all types) David Evans
Bassoon/Contrabassoon Ben Greanya
Trumpet Joe Klause
Horn Joseph Berger
Trombone Ben Medler
Euphonium JáTtik Clark
Tuba JáTtik Clark
Violin Lucia Atkinson and Shin-young Kwon; contact Lance Inouye for instructor placement
Viola Dana Rokosny
Cello David Eby
Bass (acoustic) Jason Schooler
Bass (electric) Jeff Leonard, Bill Athens; contact Jeff Leonard for instructor placement
Harp Jennifer Craig
Guitar (Classical) John Mery
Guitar (Folk) Julia Banzi
Guitar (Flamenco) Julia Banzi
Banjo Leela Grace
Guitar (Jazz) Dan Balmer
Percussion Brett Paschal
Drumset  Brett Paschal
Jazz Drumset Brett Paschal, Charlie Doggett; contact Brett Paschal for instructor placement
Ghanaian Percussion Alex Addy
Piano (Classical) Susan DeWitt Smith, Yoko Greeney, and Stephanie Thompson; contact Susan DeWitt Smith for instructor placement
Piano (Jazz) Joe Bagg
Organ Matthew O’Sullivan
Charango Freddy Vilches
Cuatro Freddy Vilches
Fiddle Luke Price
Sitar Joshua Feinberg
Shamisen TBA
Voice (Classical) Susan McBerry, Anna Haagenson, Carl Halvorson, and Lisa Neher; contact Susan McBerry for instructor placement
Jazz Voice Zsofia Csikos; contact Susan McBerry for placement
Hindustani Voice Michael Stirling
Composition Michael Johanson
Electronic Music Lessons Jeff Leonard
Songwriting Rebecca Jordan Smith
Half- Credit Lessons Contact corresponding Area Coordinator
Piano Proficiency 1-4 Contact Susan DeWitt Smith for instructor placement
Applied Brass Lessons contact Brett Paschal
Applied String Lessons contact Lance Inouye
Applied Woodwind Lessons contact Brett Paschal
Independent Study contact Music Chair
Group Performance Classes  
Beginning Voice Class Anna Haagenson 
Piano Classes Stephanie Thompson, Yoko Greeney
Guitar Classes John Mery
Orchestra Lance Inouye
Wind Symphony Brett Paschal
Jazz Combos Dan Balmer
Voces Auream Treble Chorus Aubrey Patterson
Community Chorale Katherine FitzGibbon
Cappella Nova Katherine FitzGibbon
Vocal Performance Workshop Susan McBerry
Gamelan Ensemble Mindy Johnston 
Zimbabwean Music Ensemble Nathan Beck
Ghanaian Music Ensemble Alex Addy
Latin American Music Ensemble Freddy Vilches
Indian Music Ensemble Michael Stirling
Percussion Ensemble Brett Paschal
Guitar Ensemble John Mery
Chamber Music Ensembles Nancy Ives
Accompanying Class Stephanie Thompson