Electronic Music Studio

As its influence and usefulness grow, technology is an ever more significant part of a musician’s experience. At Lewis & Clark students can explore and create new sounds, limited only by their own imaginations. The focus of instruction is for students to manage technical resources in service to the ultimate goal of musical composition. Electronic music is a remarkably dynamic subject, and classes are small, so students are encouraged to find their own pathways to understanding.

Electronic music classes are available to all students at Lewis & Clark. Music production software makes it possible for a student with little or no previous musical experience to create effective pieces of music, while a trained musician’s abilities will only be enhanced by the tools electronic music provides. All students will have their compositions heard in the annual Electronic Music Concert.

The Studio

The Electronic Music Studio (EMS) contains three workstations, each consisting of a Mac computer with audio and MIDI interfaces and a synthesizer keyboard for inputting data. A variety of software is used, including Reason, Digital Performer, and Recycle. As these and other programs evolve, the EMS is continuously upgraded to improve the tools available to students. While students are expected to spend two hours per week in the studio, the EMS is accessible 24 hours a day, so motivated students have the opportunity to create more ambitious works.

For more information, contact Jeff Leonard at 503-768-7463.