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Concert Information

The Music Department presents approximately 50 performances per academic year, including ensemble concerts, faculty recitals, senior recitals, student recitals and visiting artists. Performances are held in many venues across campus, such as the Agnes Flanagan Chapel, Fir Acres Theatre, the Diane Gregg Pavilion, and Evans Auditorium.

In order to reserve a concert date and time, students and faculty must follow standard authorization, scheduling, and review procedures. Staggered sign-up procedures are in place to ensure that department ensembles, faculty recitals, senior performance majors, and senior composition majors have scheduling priority each year. To begin the process of scheduling your event, please view Event Scheduling Guidelines. If you already have a confirmed reservation, please fill out the Event Logistics form. 

If you have questions about the event scheduling process or about our Music Department Events, please contact the Performance Events Coordinator at (503) 768-7788 or by emailing


Event Planning Guide

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Event Logistics (Collaborative Events)

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