Concert Information

The Music Department presents approximately 50 performances per academic year, including ensemble concerts, faculty recitals, senior recitals, student recitals and visiting artists. Performances are held in many venues across campus, such as the Agnes Flanagan Chapel, the Diane Gregg Pavilion, and Evans Auditorium.


Live-Streamed Events

Many of our events will be streamed here on the day and time of the scheduled concert. The livestream is available at no cost to the viewer, and will be accessible at the same link indefinitely, following the event.



Parking permits are not required after 7 p.m. Please visit the Transportation and Parking page for more information. Please view the campus map for parking areas.


Event Calendar

To stay up to date on concert information, visit our Music Event Calendar page, like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, subscribe to our YouTube channel, or contact to join our mailing list. 


Venue Reservations

In order to reserve a concert date and time, students and faculty must follow standard authorization, scheduling, and review procedures. Staggered sign-up procedures are in place to ensure that department ensembles, faculty recitals, senior performance majors, and senior composition majors have scheduling priority each year. To begin the process of scheduling your event, please contact the Performance Events Coordinator at (503) 768-7788 or by emailing