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Indian Classical Music


undefined In India, the art and science of music and sound has been investigated with such depth and sophistication that a distinctive and rare cultural tradition of yoga, spirituality and music has developed. Shiva Nataraj




The Indian Classical Music Study Program
 at Lewis & Clark College offers a comprehensive theoretical and practical exploration of the ancient and rich Hindustani classical music tradition.

Students who participate will receive excellent training in the art of Indian Classical Music and learn Vocal, Instrumental and Percussion music on:

  • Sitar
  • Tabla
  • Tambura
  • Other instruments.

Temple Ceiling In this rare program students learn:  

  • North Indian Classical Raga (melody) & Tala (rhythm) history & theory
  • Sargam (solfegio)
  • Refined intonation
  • Voice culture
  • Instrumental technique
  • Rhythmic & improvisational skills
  • Contemplative sound practices
  • And more!

Students are required to demonstrate their performing skills in recitals.


  • Josh Feinberg, sitar &  instrumental music
  • Ravi Albright, tabla & rhythm
  • Michael Stirling, vocal & tambura

These gifted instructors have studied and performed with such highly respected and  internationally known performing artists and teachers including: Pandit Pran Nath, Ali Akbar Khan, Aashish Khan, Zakir Hussain, Swapan Chaudhuri; Ustad Hafizulla Khan (Khalifa Kirana Gharana) Alam Khan, the Gundecha Brothers, Terry Riley, and others.


Josh Feinberg 

Ravi Albright

Michael Stirling