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Major Requirements

Prerequisites (may be waived by examination):

MUS 100    Pre-Theory  
MUS 150    Music Theory I

A minimum of 48 semester credits, distributed as follows:

Forty hours from the following:

Music Theory and Composition:

MUS  200     Music Theory II
MUS  250     Music Theory III

Music History and Literature:

MUS  162     History of Western Music  I
MUS  163     History of Western Music  II

Ethnomusicology/World Music:

MUS 106 Workshops in World Music

Four semester credits of a single major instrument including voice.  Declared majors must enroll in studio instruction every semester on campus.

Six semester credits of ensemble, at least four of which must be from Orchestra, Choirs or Wind Symphony.

Eight semester credits of upper-division theory or composition chosen from: 

MUS  300     20th-Century Theory and Aural Skills
MUS  316     Jazz Theory
MUS  333     Seminar in Electronic Music
MUS  341     Orchestration
MUS  342     Counterpoint
MUS  346     Conducting
MUS  347     Advanced Musicianship and Conducting

Four semester credits of upper-division music history or literature from:

MUS  302     Jazz History
MUS  307     Seminar in Music (varied topics every semester)
MUS  361     Music and Language

Four semester credits of Piano Proficiency (or exemption by placement exam). 

Two semester credits in Music 490. Senior project requirements by area of focus:

  • Composition: Preparation of professional-quality manuscripts. Recital of original musical works; graded by jury.
  • Ethnomusicology: Thesis in ethnomusicology; graded by committee.
  • Musicology: Thesis in musicology; graded by committee.
  • Performance: Recital on the major instrument; graded by jury.
  • Self-Designed Senior Project: Lecture/recital or other proposed project; graded by jury.