What’s It Like?

No one can give you a better sense of what it’s really like to study Music at Lewis & Clark than our current students and recent alumni.

Coco Bender

Hometown: Eugene, Oregon
Extracurriculars: Music Director – Girl Circus Orchestra, Fighting Instruments of Karma Marching Band/Chamber Orchestra, L&C Community Chorale, L&C Wind Ensemble

Elsa Dougherty

Hometown: Flushing, Michigan
Extracurriculars: Choir

Zein Hassanein

Hometown: Cairo, Egypt
Extracurriculars: A Capella, Capella Nova, the Co-op

Xiaoqing (Evangeline) Liang

Hometown: Shenzhen, China
Extracurriculars: Wind Symphony, stage crew, SAAB Tutor, Capella Nova, Chinese Club

Marianna Ritchey

Hometown: Telluride, Colorado
Extracurriculars: Playing in bands, writing the movie column in the Pio Log, breaking into Council Chamber to watch Twin Peaks in the middle of the night.
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  • Professor Kathy FitzGibbon
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