Alex Addy

Director of Ghanaian Music and Dance and West African Rhythm

Alex comes from Ghana, West Africa and was traditionally trained. Much of his youth was spent in Ghana where he was involved in drumming performances at his church before moving to Portland, Oregon when he was 15.  Since he joined Homowo African Arts & Cultures/Obo Addy Legacy Project in 1992, his infectious energy has been an asset to the organization’s Educational Programs. 

Alex teaches the five hand techniques of Ghanaian drumming and believes in students working together to create a strong communal rhythm, yet embrace the confidence to use one’s voice in a solo. Alex comes from a long line of drummers in the Addy family and is son of Obo Addy.  He has been teaching at Lewis & Clark College, Open Meadow Alternative Schools, The Higher Stages Program, Right Brain Initiative, Young Audiences, Saturday Academy and the Sun School programs throughout the city.