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Stephanie Thompson

Instructor of Piano, Staff Accompanist

Stephanie Thompson received her Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance from Willamette University, studying with Jean-David Coen, and her Master of Music degree in Piano Performance from the University of Southern California, studying with Antoinette Perry.  She is an alumna of the Aspen Music Festival and a longtime member of Daniel Pollack’s annual masterclass program at the Evergreen State College.

Stephanie lives in Northeast Portland with her husband Michael Afentoulis and their daughter Anthea.  She is the staff accompanist and teaches classical piano and piano accompanying at Lewis and Clark College.  She also is the director of music ministries at University Park United Methodist Church.


Stephanie’s two main focuses in her teaching are:

No.1.  The healthy use of the entire body during piano playing.  Development of a free and painless technique that utilizes natural motions and avoids strain and tension.

No.2.  Finding repertoire that appeals to students personally, both musically and technically.  If a student has music that they love, they will practice without coercion and be proud of the results of their work.