We’re excited to show you around the beautiful Lewis & Clark College campus!

Please note: due to COVID-19 campus health precautions and limited tour guide availability, pre-registration is required; walk-in visitors will not be accommodated.

Interviews are recommended for high school students about to start the college application process (45 minutes) and prospective transfer students (60 minutes).



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  • Jeremiah Guerrero BA ’22
    tells us a little bit about himself.
  • Explore Portland
    See all the fun things you can do downtown by getting on the Pio!
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No one can explain the Lewis & Clark experience better than our current students and recent alumni. Read about L&C in their words.
  • I realized that I bring value to this school, and I want prospective students to know that they belong here.

    Anaïs Gurrola BA ’19
    Bellevue, Washington
    More about Anaïs
  • I founded a nonprofit called CareMeKuc in the beginning of college that partners with local stakeholders to rehabilitate child soldiers in northern Uganda. As part of that, I worked with chemistry professor Janis Lochner to address local dietary health problems such as kwashiorkor.

    Max Clary BA ’18
    Evergreen, Colorado
    More about Max
  • To me, a liberal arts education is one which seeks to create a well-rounded person that has critical thinking skills applicable in a range of situations, and a broad knowledge of a variety of subjects. It’s a ton of fun!

    Liam Casey BA ’22
    Madison, Wisconsin
    More about Liam