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What’s It Like?

No one can give you a better sense of what it’s really like to study biology at Lewis & Clark than our current students and recent alumni.

  • Salma Bashir BA ’21

    Salma Bashir, BA ’21

    Hometown: Portland, Oregon
    Overseas Program: East Africa, biology
    Extracurriculars: Club Rugby, Pre-Health Professions Club, Orchestra, Biology Teaching Assistant

    I appreciate the liberal arts approach to education since I never feel limited in the kinds of knowledge I seek out.

  • Roland Berg BA ’22

    Roland Berg, BA ’22

    Hometown: Saint Paul, Minnesota
    Extracurriculars: Community Chorale, Admissions Ambassador (lunch host), intramural sports

    Lewis & Clark made me feel wanted as a student.

  • Cody, in a green jacket, standing on a pathway, smiling.

    Cody Bowen-Crosby, BA ’22

    Hometown: Kalispell, Montana
    Overseas Program: France, New Zealand
    Extracurriculars: International Students and Scholars/Third Culture Kids Club, French Club, Russian Club

    Don’t pick your school based on a figure from some website; pick your school off of where you think you’ll be happiest and where you want to plant the seeds to start a professional career.

  • Katie-Lauren Dunbar

    Katie-Lauren Dunbar, BA ’17

    Hometown: Santa Rosa, California
  • Lali Guevara-Hernandez BA ’21

    Lali Guevara-Hernandez, BA ’21

    Hometown: Los Angeles, California
    Extracurriculars: Students for Cultural Inclusion in the Theatre (SCIT), Theatre, Gente Latina Unida (GLU), French Club, Spanish Club, Gaming Society

    The Great Expectations trip really opened my eyes to the resources available to students of color on campus and was a great way to meet other students and faculty with similar backgrounds.

  • Mara, in an L&C t-shirt, climbing up a rock climbing wall with her back to the camera.

    Mara Halloran, BA ’22

    Hometown: Saint Paul, Minnesota
    Overseas Program: Iceland (non L&C)
    Extracurriculars: Climbing team, Ski Club, College Outdoors

    You don’t just choose a major and stick only to that. You learn so much about every discipline, and I think that is a really valuable skill.

  • Nabil Khan ’21

    Nabil Khan, BA ’21

    Hometown: Kandahar, Afghanistan
    Extracurriculars: Track and Field, Soccer

    Professors are eager to hear about your story.

  • Erin Khong BA ’21

    Erin Khong, BA ’21

    Hometown: Long Beach, California
    Extracurriculars: Student Life Intern, Student Athlete Advisory Committee(SAAC), Pre-Health Club, Luau Dancer, Women’s Swim, Track and Field, New Student Orientation Leader (NSO)

    Get out of your comfort zone, meet new people, and build those connections.

  • Natalie Klee BA ’21

    Natalie Klee, BA ’21

    Hometown: České Budějovice, Czech Republic
    Overseas Program: East Africa Biology Program (fall 2019)
    Extracurriculars: TCK Club

    Some people say international students are in a bit of a bubble here, but I’d call it more of a solid base from which it is easier to form connections with the rest of the L&C community.

  • Peter Lahti ’19

    Peter Lahti, BA ’19

    Hometown: Lincoln City, Oregon

    I believe that a liberal arts education is great for preparing somebody for med school.

  • Hannah Machiorlete’20

    Hannah Machiorlete, BA ’20

    Hometown: Kīhei, Hawaiʻi

    My meaningful experience would not have been possible without the support of the L&C community.

  • Yuriy Popovich ’20

    Yuriy Popovich, BA ’20

    Hometown: Gladstone, Oregon

    I love it when professors are real with their students and teach them to think critically.

  • Ben, standing in front of trees, smiling in an L&C orange Nike shirt.

    Ben Sherer, BA ’21

    Hometown: Portland, Oregon
    Overseas Program: East Africa
    Extracurriculars: Admissions tour guide, admissions fellow

    Studying abroad in a place as unique as Tanzania provided me with memories for a lifetime. Can you say that you saw a wild rhino on foot? Or that there was a lion prowling around your campsite at 6 in the morning? I not only experienced this, but also a radically different point of view of the world.

  • Makayla Simmer BA ’21

    Makayla Simmer, BA ’21

    Hometown: Haiku, Hawai‘i
    Overseas Program: East Africa (fall 2019)
    Extracurriculars: College Outdoors, Paddle Club

    College Outdoors has been extremely empowering and important for who I am becoming.

  • Saheli Singh BA ’22

    Saheli Singh, BA ’22

    Hometown: Pomona, California
    Extracurriculars: A Cappella, Great Expectations, IME Peer Mentee, Gente Latina Unida, Lacrosse

    I immediately felt welcomed into such a loving and caring community.

  • Sam Smith BA ’21

    Sam Smith, BA ’21

    Hometown: Sewanee, Tennessee
    Overseas Program: East Africa
    Extracurriculars: College Outdoors, 2019 International Affairs Symposium Steering Committee Member

    Working with and leading trips for College Outdoors is an excellent complement to the classroom because it has offered me professional experience and ways to develop as a leader and outdoors person that I might not have been granted otherwise.

  • Channing Stirrat BA ’21

    Channing Stirrat, BA ’21

    Hometown: Tucson, Arizona
    Overseas Program: Ecuador Spring 2020
    Extracurriculars: Alternative Spring Break, Operation Nightwatch, Irish dance, Pre-Health Club

    It can be hard to find a liberal arts school with a solid science program; L&C takes advantage of its awesome faculty and proximity to OHSU to make it a school that works for people interested in STEM who don’t want to go to a big research university.

  • Kenzie Wingard ’21

    Kenzie Wingard, BA ’21

    Hometown: Missoula, Montana
    Extracurriculars: Soccer, track & field

    Lewis & Clark has changed me in a lot of ways. I am passionate about what I am learning and the professors have made me a more inquisitive and curious person.

  • Sami Zimmerman ’19

    Samantha (Sami) Zimmerman, BA ’19

    Hometown: Cross Plains, Wisconsin
    Overseas Program: Australia
    Extracurriculars: Garden Collective, Herbarium, Resident Advisor

    Lewis & Clark has helped me view my own path more as an adventure, rather than a structured series of events, both in academics and life in general.