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Students who major in biology acquire knowledge and skills that pave the way for diverse careers in the health sciences, research, teaching, conservation, business, etc. Our page, Careers In Biology, provides a list of some of these possibilities. This video by Dr. Bierzychudek provides detailed advice about how to find summer and post-graduate positions. The problem-solving, logical reasoning, and communication skills acquired through the study of biology can be valuable in non-scientific careers as well.

One of the best ways to discover what career you might wish to pursue is through a summer research internship. Paid and volunteer positions are available in all fields of biology, as well as in conservation and environmental education. Research internships are available each summer with Lewis & Clark biology faculty through the Rogers Summer Science and with many other organizations, institutions, and agencies. For information on how to find these opportunities, please see our Summer Jobs & Internships Resource Page.

The Biology Department has paid positions each semester for undergraduate teaching assistants and laboratory assistants. If you are interested in learning more about Biology jobs check the College’s Student Employment Services on-campus jobs database for currently available positions and job descriptions.


Students collecting invertebrates for Bio 212