Kent Swanson, Jr. Biology Scholarship

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Kent Philip Swanson Jr., a 1995 graduate of Lewis & Clark, died in a helicopter crash in 1997. In his memory, Kent’s family established a scholarship to celebrate their son’s exuberance and enthusiasm for the Biological Sciences, the arts, the out-of doors, and life in general. The scholarship is intended to benefit students majoring in Biology who have demonstrated similar goals and personal qualities to those of Kent and is awarded annually to a student completing their sophomore year. The scholarship award spans a two year period, covering the student’s junior and senior years at Lewis and Clark. A similar scholarship is also awarded through the Art Department.

kentjrbowl Kent Swanson Jr. enrolled at Lewis and Clark in the fall of 1990. He had a true love of, and curiosity about, biology, and enjoyed asking questions and seeking answers to difficult scientific problems. He also had a passion and sincere concern for the environment, loved nature, and spent as much time out-of-doors as possible. He was an avid mountain climber, backpacker, cross-country skier, and served as a volunteer for Portland Mountain Rescue. While his biological interests were varied, he particularly enjoyed courses in Ecology and Field Biology. In addition, Kent loved to express his artistic talents and developed considerable skills as a ceramist. He enjoyed incorporating various aspects of biology into his pottery. After graduating from the college with a degree in biology, Kent subsequently worked as a mountain climbing guide in the North Cascades and a ski patrolmen at Mammoth Lakes in California. While participating in an avalanche training program sponsored by the Canadian Avalanche Association in January of 1997, Kent met with a tragic and untimely death as a result of a helicopter crash.

The scholarship to honor Kent Jr’s memory is the first such scholarship for a Biology Major in the history of the college. In keeping with the family’s wishes, selection is based on the following criteria:

  1. Demonstrated financial need. kentjrclimb
  2. Junior or senior standing during the period of the award.
  3. Declared Biology Major.
  4. Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  5. Interests in the out-of-doors.
  6. Concern for the environment.
  7. Some interests in the arts (not restricted to ceramics).

Each spring the department solicits applications from eligible students and the award is announced at Honor’s Convocation.

Swanson Biology Scholarship Awardees

2022: Deanna Sunnergren

2021: Gwen Williamson

2020: Bryce Gaudern

2019: Sam Helms-Galbraith & Makayla Simmer

2018: Ada Barbee

2017: Seren Villwock

2016: Madeline Tracey

2015: Ina Waring-Enriquez

2014: Demi Glidden & Robin Gropp

2013: Alex Young

2012: Makena McCluskey

2011: Julia Huggins & Sarah Parker

2010: Kaylie Grey

2009: Katherine Dahlhausen

2008: Danielle Fagre

2007: Ananda Ellis

2006: Marcela Kokes

2005: Lindsay Ann Hansen (nee Rogers)

2005: Amber Wiesenfeld

2004: K. Lauren Senkyr

2003: Brendan Buzzard

2002: Paul Trusty

2001: Meredith Haamen DeMaria

2001: Dan DeSloover

1999: Jule Schultz

1998: Megan Kohl

1997: John (Alex) Viktora