After Lewis & Clark

Biology alumni pursue a wide variety of careers including research, medicine, public health, natural resource management, teaching, and law. They work in academia, industry, with nonprofits, and for local, state, and federal governments. Many of them apply the skills they have acquired in problem solving, critical thinking, writing, and speaking to fields other than biology. Some examples:

  • Ryan Bubriski ’12, Will Fortini ’12, and Zac Tobias ’12 founded the Portland Mushroom Company that supplies restaurants and farmer’s markets.
  • Hannah Clements ’15 is a student of environmental law at Lewis & Clark Law School.
  • Micah Depper ’10 earned an MS in environmental studies and is the director of teaching and learning at Harpswell Coastal Academy, a private high school in Maine.
  • Adam Lipus ’10 earned a degree in public health from Emory University and works as a program consultant for community-based organizations working in food, agriculture, and sustainability.
  • Bridget Pekrul ’00 is a physician who specializes in hospice and palliative medicine.
  • Deborah Purce ’03 earned a master’s degree in marine science and is a program specialist for Sea Grant Washington.
  • Hannah Somhegyi ’11 earned a PhD in neuroscience at Harvard University and works as a data scientist and scientific illustrator.
  • Marjorie Weber ’07 earned a PhD from Cornell University and is a professor of evolutionary ecology at Michigan State University.
  • Mason Wordell ’15 is volunteer manager at Columbia Springs, a natural area and education center in Vancouver, Washington.
  • Beth Leger ’96 is a professor of plant ecology at U. Nevada, and has just won a major award from the university.

Calling all biology alumni! What have you been up to since graduation? Start an interesting job? Discover a hidden talent? Used your liberal arts experience and degree to better the world? Adopt a cat? We’d love to know!