High School Programming

Circular Innovation Challenge

A 5-Day Entrepreneurship Camp for High School Students

Brought to you by the Bates Center at Lewis & Clark College
July 23 - 28, 2023

*$20,000/year merit-based scholarship to Lewis & Clark College for all students who successfully complete entrepreneurship program.*

The camp has reached capacity and registration is closed. 


The Bates Center for Entrepreneurship & Leadership at Lewis & Clark College is hosting its 2nd annual high school program this summer, the Circular Innovation Challenge. It is open to all high school students, including international students, and will take place from Sunday July 23rd to Friday the 28th in-person, at the beautiful Lewis & Clark College campus!

We’re committed to not just teaching processes for entrepreneurship and innovation, but entrepreneurship for a more sustainable future. The “circular economy” might not be a familiar term, but it should be. We want students to understand the massive opportunities present for innovation in the “circular economy,” a market space for businesses that prevent waste, circulate products through renewal, and develop new business models that create value without using finite resources.

Throughout the week, students will be inspired by entrepreneurs and leaders in the circular economy, they will connect with college student mentors and a team of their peers, where they will learn and practice strategies for ideation and innovation, including lean startup methodology and the business model canvas. We’ve built an inclusive and transformative experience that will include inspirational speakers, mentorship, activities & challenges, the Portland classics, and great (circular) prizes.

Registration is closed as we have reached capacity.

We encourage all interested students to apply now as acceptances will be made on a rolling basis and participation will be capped at 100 students. The program fee is $1,750. 

Apply Now

*Students who complete the Circular Economics Forum and subsequently apply to and are accepted into Lewis & Clark’s undergraduate program will be awarded a merit-based scholarship valued at a minimum of $20,000 per year.

Successful completion equals full attendance effort and completion of daily activities.

The Educational Focus

  1. Processes for ideation, systems thinking, and business development need to be practiced, not just taught
  2. Entrepreneurship should involve problem solving for a better future
  3. Too few students have been introduced to the opportunities and potential of the circular economy
  4. You have to see it to be it - we are committed to including a diverse range of innovators in the circular economy
  5. Connections matter, now and into the future. Students will have dedicated time to connect with each other, college student leaders, speakers, and mentors.

The Portland Focus

  1. Immersive Lewis & Clark College campus & dorm experience for prospective students.
  2. Networking connections with Industry leaders across Portland and surrounding areas.
  3. Day-long excursions to Portland classics: Food trucks, Willamette River, Hiking, etc.
  4. Connections with past, current & future students at Lewis & Clark College.
  5. Connections with professors and staff on campus.