Our Focus

The Educational & the Portland Focus

The Circular Innovation Challenge is a week-long challenge for high school students interested in building a more circular future. 

This challenge will take place from Sunday, July 23rd through Friday, July 28th on the beautiful Lewis & Clark campus in Portland, Oregon. The program approaches entrepreneurship education for high school students in a unique way, by putting the following principles into practice: 

The Educational Focus

  1. Processes for ideation, systems thinking, and business development need to be practiced, not just taught.
  2. Experience problem-solving for a better future.
  3. Introduction the the applications of the circular economy.
  4. Introduction to a diverse range of innovation leaders in the industry.
  5. Connections matter. Students will have dedicated time to connect with each other, college student leaders, speakers, and mentors.
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The Portland Focus

  1. Immersive Lewis & Clark College campus & dorm experience for prospective students.
  2. Networking connections with Industry leaders across Portland and surrounding areas.
  3. Experience Portland classics: Food trucks, Willamette River, Hiking, etc.
  4. Connections with past, current & future students at Lewis & Clark College.
  5. Connections with professors and staff on campus.
  6. Field trip to the Nike campus to meet with their circular footwear team, along with other Portland-based industry leaders.

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