Student Managed Investment Fund

Due to a generous gift from a longtime Bates Center supporter, Susan Bates, students now have the opportunity to learn about and make investment decisions via our Student Managed Investment Fund. Parameters for the fund and its investments are here. Administration of the fund is led by Christopher Bates of Brampton Gillow Advisors and you can follow the progress of the fund here. Bates Center Advisory Board members David Mabie and Josh Ulmer are also supporting this educational effort. For the 2022/2023 academic year, students in the Value Creation class will be learning about the investment process and participating in the decision making. 

Fund Composition and Asset Allocation
Permitted Investments

The purpose of Growth Assets (e.g. public equity, Stock ETF’s and Stock Mutual Funds) is to provide a stream of current income and appreciation of principal that more than offsets inflation. It is recognized that pursuit of this objective could entail the assumption of significant variability in price and returns.

The Deflation Sensitive allocation (e.g. bonds, bond ETF’s, bond mutual funds, money market and
cash) is intended to: (1) provide some asset appreciation in periods of declining interest rates (especially in periods of significant equity price deflation), (2) provide ready liquidity, and (3) provide portfolio risk diversification.

The Fund will be managed with allocations to the following asset classes in the ranges outlined
below (within the guidelines set forth in Section 5, “Investment Restrictions”):

Role Asset Class Allowable Range
Growth US Equity  
  Global Equity  
  Developed Int’l Equity  
  Emerging Markets Equity  
  Emerging Markets Equity  
  Total Public Equity 50-70%
Deflation Fixed Income  
  Cash and Cash Equivalents  
  Total Fixed Income 30-50%