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Liberal Arts Partnerships

The Bates Center’s cultivation of collaborations enriches the Lewis & Clark student experience. This page highlights some of these partnerships.





Liberal arts training prepares future leaders to grapple with opportunities, risks and complexities of humans in society.

Liberal arts education  +  students meeting leaders in their field  +  the mindset of innovation, enterprise and leadership  =  students possessing knowledge, freedom and network to create new solutions.

As Steve Jobs famously said ” “It is in Apple’s DNA that technology alone is not enough — it’s technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the results that make our heart sing.” 


NEW - Liberal Arts in Silicon Valley - Fall 2020 Opportunity

For current students who are taking a Leave of Absence this semester and for incoming students who are taking a gap year/semester, we encourage you to consider a new Lewis & Clark opportunity to blend a liberal arts education with tech and workplace skills AND intern with a company—all for course credit. It is called Liberal Arts in Silicon Valley.

As long as the Registrar accepts the transfer credit (which will be issued by Davidson College), the Bates Center will provide credit for these courses. We will apply three of them towards attainment of our new minor—putting you halfway there.

Liberal Arts in Silicon Valley is an immersive program that we piloted this summer (with Lewis & Clark students) with great success. It will run remotely this fall and include a guaranteed 2-3 week internship placement. Spring and summer students spoke extremely highly of the program’s effective, engaging, and collaborative online experiences. Many students said the online program was the best course they’ve ever taken in college.

Join a small cohort of fellow students to:

  • Earn course credits - no prerequisites

  • Intern with guaranteed placement

  • Work in a highly collaborative, team-based environment

  • Walk away well on your way to becoming a triple-threat graduate who has the degree, tech skills, and internship experience to be successful upon graduation.

We strongly encourage you to learn more and apply (it’s a brief application) by Friday, July 31st.

This virtual offering is very different from traditional classes. Come talk to past students at this upcoming Info session. Be sure to RSVP here:

  • Tuesday, July 21, 7p ET

Is this for computer science students?
No. This is designed for non-computer science majors. This is for the tech curious who have little to no computer science experience. Of the four classes, two are tech/programming-based, one is an internship one, and the fourth is a Davidson re-designed version of Stanford’s most popular class Designing Your Life - Leading the Purposeful Life.
Is it hard to get in?
The application is short, but it is a competitive process to get in. They had an excellent experience with the four Lewis & Clark students who tried it this summer. This will be a popular option for students this coming semester and there are only 20-30 spots, most of which will be taken by other colleges. Bring your best game to the interview.
Is there any preference for diversity?
It is no secret that the tech industry is devoid of diversity. We join Adjacent in their commitment to being part of the solution. We worked with Adjacent this summer and are impressed with their sincerity about this. Accordingly, we encourage diverse students to apply.
Does Lewis & Clark make the decisions on who gets in?
No, Adjacent makes those decisions.
What do you mean IF Lewis & Clark accepts the credit?
Quite honestly, we are working as quickly as we can to get this opportunity in front of you. Davidson is an esteemed peer institution, and this is a rigorous program, and so we expect the credit to transfer. We need to get all the course descriptions to the college and give them the opportunity to make the final call. It’s a chicken/egg problem, and we will make every effort to work with the Registrar on this, but it is their call.
Why are you not applying all four courses to the minor?
Because then a majority of the requirements will have been done at a non-Lewis & Clark institution.
What did the Lewis & Clark students who tested it think?
The students were amazed how much they learned and were empowered by the project management skills they learned. For those students who have done Winterim, it is like Winterim on steroids.
OK, I’ll bite. What’s the cost?
This is not an official Lewis & Clark Off-Campus program. Lewis & Clark will evaluate after this year to see if it works for its parameters. It is simply too late to get approval for this coming semester. Accordingly, this is all private pay and the Bates Center is paying an additional amount for each student accepted.
Your cost is $16,500.
Parents can pay with their college savings accounts. The Bates Center will collect the money and pass it all over to Adjacent. We cannot accept federal financial aid money. Students may be able to get grant money to apply to this—but they will have to seek prior approval in writing on their own.
Adjacent initially was going to provide $2,500/student for the first four students, but instead we both agreed to apply that money to low income students. How this will work is that students seeking scholarship will note that on their application. Adjacent will then send a separate form asking for permission for Lewis & Clark Financial Aid to tell them whether you are high, moderate or low need. Based on who they accept, we will partner (Bates Center will add funding) to provide full scholarship for one or partial scholarship for several students.
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Guest Artist Program

A partnership between the Theatre Department and the Bates Center for Entrepreneurship and Leadership:

Guest Artist Program 2019-20