The Bates Center defines Entrepreneurship as problem solving and Leadership as execution. We take the uncertainty liberal arts trains our students to address, and provide the environment that gives students the courage to test out ideas. By operating at the intersection of liberal arts and innovation, we combine liberal arts critical thinking with direct and hands-on links to the worlds of entrepreneurship, business, and positive social change so that students can turn their ethic into action. This experience, context, and network aid our students as they prepare for the transition to work and life.

For a list of ELI courses and course descriptions please visit the ELI curriculum page

For complete information about minoring, see the online catalog.

Process for Declaring:

  1. Contact one of these ELI professors - Kellar Autumn, Chrys Hutchings, Brian Detweiler-Bedell  - and ask them to be your advisor. If you do not know one of them, please email Catarina Hunter at chunter@lclark.edu and she will select one of them for you (based on your major/interests and their availability).
  2. Once you have the faculty member approval to be your advisor, please fill out this minor declaration form.

The minor requires a minimum of 20 credits: five courses and participation in at least one of the Bates Center’s cocurricular programs. Alternatively, a sixth course at or above the 200-level may be used to substitute for the cocurricular requirement

  • Introductory Courses (two needed)
    • ELI 101 Innovation: Systems-Thinking and Methods
    • ELI 102 Idea Lab: Introduction to Design Thinking
    • ELI 103 Leadership: Teams & Innovation
  • Elective Courses (two needed)
    • ELI 260 Sustainability & Entrepreneurship
    • ELI 261 Summer Internship in Sustainability
    • ELI 270 Nonprofit Management 
    • ELI 275 Value Creation and Analysis
    • ELI 280 Communicating a Vision: Messaging for Impact
    • ELI 290 Technologies of the Future
    • HST 390 Innovations in Social Justice: Immigration & Asylum Law
  • Pre-Professional Courses (one needed)
    • ELI 310 Curatorial Affairs in the Visual Arts
    • ELI 345: Industry Practicum: Special Topics/Industries (Past and current practica include Marketing, Beer Brewing, Screenwriting, Music - these may not be offered every year) 
    • ELI 349 Innovation at Work: Internship and Seminar
  • Cocurricular Requirement (one needed)
    • Completion of the Bates Center’s yearly Winterim program
    • Grant from the Bates Center Seed Fund or similar source of funding
    • Attendance of at least six talks in the Bates Center’s Lunch with a Leader series
    • Or, completion of one additional ELI course at or above the 200 level
  • Other Offerings - We offer one-credit skills classes designed to help students in their ventures, activities, current work, and future of work. Passion is wonderful, and when it is combined with a skillset, it is valuable.
  • ELI 211 Skills Lab - Excel