The minor in entrepreneurial leadership and innovation requires a minimum of 20 credits: five courses and participation in at least one of the Bates Center’s cocurricular programs. Alternatively, a sixth course at or above the 200-level may be used to substitute for the cocurricular requirement

  • Introductory Courses (two needed)
    • ELI 101 Innovation: Systems-Thinking and Methods
    • ELI 102 Idea Lab: Introduction to Design Thinking
    • ELI 103 Leadership: Teams & Innovation
  • Elective Courses (two needed)
    • ELI 260 Sustainability & Entrepreneurship
    • ELI 280 Communicating a Vision: Messaging for Impact
    • ELI 290 Technologies of the Future
  • Pre-Professional Courses (one needed)
    • ELI 310 Curatorial Affairs in the Visual Arts
    • ELI 345: Industry Practicum: Special Topics/Industries
    • ELI 349 Innovation at Work: Internship and Seminar
  • Cocurricular Requirement (one needed)
    • Completion of the Bates Center’s yearly Winterim program
    • Grant from the Bates Center Seed Fund or similar source of funding
    • Attendance of at least six talks in the Bates Center’s Lunch with a Leader series
    • Or, completion of one additional ELI course at or above the 200 level