World Languages Major


This major allows students to pursue the study of any two of the following languages:  Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.  Students choose a primary and a secondary language.

A minimum of 32 semester hours (16 in the primary language and 12 in the secondary language and 4 in linguistics), including one semester overseas, distributed as follows:

                  WLL 240 Introduction to linguistics

Primary Language:

Four upper-level courses (a minimum of 16 semester hours) beyond 202 including:

French, German, or Spanish:

1)             301 Composition and Conversation (or equivalent from study abroad) or 301H Spanish Composition and Conversation for Heritage Speakers

2)             321 Introduction to Literary Studies (or equivalent from study abroad)                                                                                                                          

3)             a)  French: 330 Francophone Literature or 340 French Literature and Society or 350 Topics in French or Francophone Literature; a 400-level course taught on campus:  410 Major Periods in French Literature or 450 Special Topics

b)  Spanish:  360 Latin America and Spain:  Pre-Columbian to Baroque or 370 Latin America and Spain:  Enlightenment to the Present and a 400-level course taught on campus;  440 Topics in Hispanic Literatures or 446 Special Topics in Hispanic Literatures and Cultures or 450 Special Topics.

c)  German: 350 Topics in German Literature and Culture;   a 400-level course taught on campus:  410 Major Periods in German Literature or 450 Special Topics

4)             1-3 courses from a semester overseas program

Chinese, Japanese, and Russian:

1)      230 Introduction to Literature in Translation or 290 Topics in Literature in Translation

2)      Three upper-level courses (a minimum of 12 semester hours) beyond 202 taught in the language, one of which must be taken on campus

A minimum of one semester studying overseas in the primary language is required.


Secondary Language:

Three upper-level courses (a minimum of 12 semester hours) beyond 202 selected from:

French, German, and Spanish:

1)    301 Composition and Conversation

2)    321 Introduction to Literary Studies or equivalent

3)    German, Spanish 230 Literature in Translation or two Conversation courses (Germ 251&252, Spanish  251&351, French 261&262).  With special permission, French 330 or 340 or 350 and Spanish 360 or 370; German 350 or 410 or 450.

Chinese, Japanese, and Russian:

1)    Chin, Japn 310 – Readings and Composition, Russ 330 – Readings and Conversation in Russian

2)    Chin 320 – Advanced Readings, Japn 320 – Readings and Composition in Japanese II, Russ 351 –Russian Composition and Conversation.

3)    One Literature in Translation course (Chin, Japn, Russ 230 or 290)

4)    Chin, Japn 410 – Advanced Readings in Chinese/Japanese:  Society and Culture, Japanese 420 – Advanced Readings in Japanese:  Fiction and Nonfiction, Russ 420 – Advanced Readings in Russian: Fiction and Nonfiction.

5)    Chin, Japn and Russ conversation courses 251&252.

Study abroad is not required for the secondary language.  For those who do study abroad in a secondary language, at least one upper-level course has to be taken on campus.

An optional Honors Thesis may be completed, with faculty approval, as part of the major. More information can be found HERE.

Oral proficiency evaluations in the primary language are recommended for the World Languages major.