World Languages Major


This major allows students to pursue the study of any two of the following languages:  Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.  Students choose a primary and a secondary language.

A minimum of 32 semester hours (16 in the primary language and 12 in the secondary language and 4 in linguistics), including one semester overseas, distributed as follows:

                  WLL 240 Introduction to linguistics

Primary Language:

Four upper-level courses (a minimum of 16 semester hours) beyond 202 including:

French, German, or Spanish:

1)             301 Composition and Conversation (or equivalent from study abroad)

2)             321 Introduction to Literary Studies (or equivalent from study abroad)                                                                                                                          

3)             a)  French: 330 Francophone Literature or 340 French Literature and Society or 350 Topics in French or Francophone Literature; a 400-level course taught on campus:  410 Major Periods in French Literature or 450 Special Topics

b)  Spanish:  360 Latin America and Spain:  Pre-Columbian to Baroque or 370 Latin America and Spain:  Enlightenment to the Present and a 400-level course taught on campus;  440 Topics in Hispanic Literatures or 446 Special Topics in Hispanic Literatures and Cultures or 450 Special Topics.

c)  German: 350 Topics in German Literature and Culture;   a 400-level course taught on campus:  410 Major Periods in German Literature or 450 Special Topics

4)             1-3 courses from a semester overseas program

Chinese, Japanese, and Russian:

1)      230 Introduction to Literature in Translation or 290 Topics in Literature in Translation

2)      Three upper-level courses (a minimum of 12 semester hours) beyond 202 taught in the language, one of which must be taken on campus

A minimum of one semester studying overseas in the primary language is required.


Secondary Language:

Three upper-level courses (a minimum of 12 semester hours) beyond 202 selected from:

French, German, and Spanish:

1)    301 Composition and Conversation

2)    321 Introduction to Literary Studies or equivalent

3)    German, Spanish 230 Literature in Translation or two Conversation courses (Germ 251&252, Spanish  251&351), French 261&262.  With special permission, French 330 or 340 or 350 and Spanish 360 or 370; German 350 or 410 or 450.

Chinese, Japanese, and Russian:

1)    Chin, Japn 310 – Readings and Composition, Russ 330 – Readings and Conversation in Russian

2)    Chin 320 – Advanced Readings, Japn 320 – Readings and Composition in Japanese II, Russ 351 –Russian Composition and Conversation.

3)    One Literature in Translation course (Chin, Japn, Russ 230 or 290)

4)    Chin, Japn 410 – Advanced Readings in Chinese/Japanese:  Society and Culture, Japanese 420 – Advanced Readings in Japanese:  Fiction and Nonfiction, Russ 420 – Advanced Readings in Russian: Fiction and Nonfiction.

5)    Chin, Japn and Russ conversation courses 251&252.

Study abroad is not required for the secondary language.  For those who do study abroad in a secondary language, at least one upper-level course has to be taken on campus.

Oral proficiency evaluations in the primary language are recommended for the World Languages major.