After Lewis & Clark

Hispanic Studies students have gone on to work and teach all over the world: 

  • Elena Overvold ’09, Spanish immersion teacher at Madison High School in Portland
  • Natalie (Chernus) Stack BA ’09, JD ’17, associate attorney at Dunn Carney LLP in Portland
  • Rachel Klabunde ’11, public health professional in Viña del Mar in the Valparaíso region of Chile
  • Madelyn Troiano ’12, MA ’14 , Spanish immersion teacher with Portland Public Schools
  • Laura Estrada ’14, product specialist at Talent Tree Staffing and Promotions in Diamond Bar, California
  • Anne Daniels ’05, assistant professor of history at Wilmington College
  • Grace Wedgwood ’11, Spanish teacher at Rainier Beach High School in Washington
  • Amelia Mulford ’14, graduate student in genetic counseling at Johns Hopkins
  • Daniela Ragan, ’11, owner of Letra Chueca Press in Portland, Oregon
  • Matthew Christenson ’18, Auxiliares Program in the Balearic Islands, Spain
  • Caterina Zischke-Rincon ’15, Fulbright scholar and teaching assistant in Colombia
  • Sadie Bender Shorr ’18, SUN Program Spanish teacher at Buckman Elementary in Portland, Oregon