Majoring and Minoring

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Major Requirements:

  1. A minimum of 36 semester credits (nine courses) beyond Spanish 202, distributed as follows: a) 301, 321, 360, 370 b) two of the following (when topic is different): 440 (may be taken twice for credit) or 446 or 450 (may be taken twice for credit). c) two additional courses are to be selected from offerings on-campus or overseas. May include a second taking of 440, 446 or 450, with a change of topic.  One course on Latin American history or politics selected from International Affairs 231, LAS 200, Spanish 260, History 141 or 142, or equivalent overseas. 
  2. Overseas study: A minimum of one semester in Mexico, Chile or Spain (see below). A full year is strongly recommended. If participating in a one-semester overseas program, students must take Hispanic Studies 321 on campus.
  3. Majors are required to pass a senior oral proficiency evaluation. All courses for the major must be taken for a grade.

Overseas Study:

Hispanic studies majors and foreign language majors with Spanish as the primary language are required to participate in at least a one-semester program in Merida, Mexico; Santiago or Valparaiso, Chile; or Granada, Spain (intensive). A minimum of 2 academic courses should be taken at the local university associated with the program. These programs require a GPA of 3.000 in Spanish courses.

The department recommends that Hispanic studies majors spend a full year in one of these programs or combine a semester in one program with a semester at another site. All programs are also open to World Languages majors and nonmajors.

An optional Honors Thesis may be completed, with faculty approval, as part of the major.  More information can be found HERE.

Minor Requirements:

Hispanic Studies

A minimum of 20 semester credits beyond SPAN 202, distributed as follows:

  • A minimum of 12 semester credits chosen from the following on-campus courses:
    SPAN 301 or 301H Introduction to Literary Studies I Introduction to Literary Studies I for Heritage Speakers
    SPAN 321

    Introduction to Literary Studies II



    SPAN 360 Latin America and Spain: Pre-Columbian to Baroque  
    SPAN 370 Latin America and Spain: Enlightenment to the Present  
  • A maximum of 8 semester credits from an approved Lewis & Clark overseas program focused on Spanish.
  • At least one semester of a Lewis & Clark abroad program focused on Spanish studies is required.

At least 12 semester credits must be exclusive to the minor (may not be used in any other set of major or minor requirements).