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Hispanic Studies


Major Requirements:

  1. A minimum of 36 semester credits (nine courses) beyond Hispanic Studies 202, distributed as follows: a) 301, 321, 360, 370 b) two of the following (when topic is different): 440 (may be taken twice for credit) or 446 or 450 (may be taken twice for credit). c) two additional courses are to be selected from offerings on-campus or overseas. May include a second taking of 440, 446 or 450, with a change of topic.  One course on Latin American history or politics selected from International Affairs 231, LAS 200, History 141 or 142, or equivalent overseas. 
  2. Overseas study: A minimum of one semester in Mexico, Chile or Spain (see below). A full year is strongly recommended. If participating in a one-semester overseas program, students must take Hispanic Studies 321 on campus.
  3. Majors are required to pass a senior oral proficiency evaluation. All courses for the major must be taken for a grade.

Overseas Study:

Hispanic studies majors and foreign language majors with Spanish as the primary language are required to participate in at least a one-semester program in Merida, Mexico; Santiago or Valparaiso, Chile; or Alicante, Spain. A minimum of 2 academic courses should be taken at the local university associated with the program. These programs require a GPA of 3.000 in Spanish courses.

The department recommends that Hispanic studies majors spend a full year in one of these programs or combine a semester in one program with a semester at another site. All programs are also open to foreign languages majors and nonmajors.

Hispanic Studies

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