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Mathematical Sciences

Majoring & Minoring

Programs and Requirements

The department offers three majors and two minors with several tracks depending on individual student interests. Entry into the mathematical sciences curriculum is determined by placement or consultation with the department.

At the heart of the department’s curriculum is the development of conceptual and computational intuition, sophistication in the analysis of complicated structures, and, most importantly, the interplay of these two with broadly based sets of technical skills and techniques. Advice about individual situations can be obtained from the department.

College Catalog

For more information about these programs and requirements, see
Lewis & Clark College Catalog: Mathematical Sciences.

Non-Majors: Perspectives Classes

The department offers perspectives courses in computer science, mathematics, and statistics especially designed for the non-major. These courses meet the core requirements in scientific and quantitative reasoning.

Additional Courses on Diverse Topics

Math 490 and CS 495 offer venues for faculty to offer courses tailored to faculty and student interests. These topics may be a continuation of an existing course or explore new areas. These may be offered alternate years.

Spring 2018: Simulation-Based Statistical Methods

Previous Math Topics Courses have included:
Math Modeling
History and Philosophy of Mathematics
Advanced Linear Algebra
Finite Geometry
Markov Chain Sample Method
Modeling and Partial Differential Equations
Fall 2013: Linear Regression Analysis
Spring 2017: Combinatorial Matrix Theory

Previous Computer Science Topics courses have included:
Parallel Computing
Computer Programming Competition
Computer Networking
Cyber Security
Sensor Networks