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Mathematical Sciences


Scholarships and Grants

The Mathematical Sciences Student Assistance and Enrichment Fund
This fund both provides assistance to eligible students with financial need and recognizes an outstanding graduating senior in the department.

Other Departmental Scholarships and Grants

Two other scholarships for continuing students and a memorial fund are highlighted here. This department is so fortunate to have active support for student academic activities.

Summer Research

Collaborative Research at LC

Willamette Valley REU Consortium for Mathematics Research for the summer of 2016.   One of our professors, Yung-Pin Chen will be conducting research with a student thru this program.

Rogers Summer Program
The Division of Mathematical and Natural Sciences oversees an extremely popular Summer Research Program

  • In 2017, five of our professors, Jens Mache, Paul T. Allen, Iva Stavrov, Peter Drake and Yung-Pin Chen, conducted research with twelve students. Here are the topics.
  • In the summer of 2016, four of our professors, Jens Mache, Paul T. Allen, Iva Stavrov and Sweta Suryanarayan are researching with nine students.       Topics are listed here for Summer of 2016.
  • During the summer of 2014, five of our professors, Jens Mache, Peter Drake, Yung-Pin Chen, Liz Stanhope and Naiomi Cameron conducted reaearch with seventeen students. 

Here are a few of their stories.

An Application of Markov chain
Artificial Intelligence and the game of GO
Dynamic Patterns in Computer GO poster
Computer Science Projects

  • In 2013, four of our professors, Jens Mache, Peter Drake, Yung-Pin Chen and Liz Stanhope worked with eleven students during the summer. Here are links to their stories.
    Math Modeling
  • The summer of 2012 saw three of our professor Yung-Pin Chen, Peter Drake and Jens Mache working with a total of twelve students. Here’s a few stories about their summers.
    Artificial Intelligence


The Math Sciences Dept. sponsors and encourages student teams each year to participate in the following four competitions:

William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition

  • In 2016, five students scored points, with two of them scoring more than 8 points.
  • In Dec. 2015, four students scored points.
  • In 2014, eight of our students scored points! My V. scored 21 points, Colin G. and Aojie Z scored 14 points, and Michael D, Isaac G, Sam S, Andres G and Leo D all scored between 12 to 8 points. This is the most total points we’ve ever scored - 99 points. Our team was also ranked for the second year in a row.
  • In 2013, two of our students, Colin E. and Colin G. scored 20 points, 2 of our students, Aojie Z. and Kyle M. scored 10 points and Jack N. scored 8 points. Our official “team” of 3 students, with their combined score of 50 points, were ranked in the top 10% of the 557 teams!
  • In December 2012, Ben Hoffman scored 29 points! This ties the highest score for an LC student, which was in1997 by Bill Shanahan. This year, Ben is one of the three Oregon contestants who ranked in the top 500. Colin G also scored 1 point.
  • In December 2010, Alyssa K scored an amazing 20 points! This is the 3rd highest score for an LC student, and the highest score for a female student. Also impressive, Joshua D. and Lindsay K. each scored 8 points and Gabriel M. scored 2 points.
  • In 2002, 2 of our students scored very high scores! Jason G. scored 24 points, Chris P. scored 20 points, and 5 others scores at least 1 point.

ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest

  • In 2017, Lewis & Clark sent 4 teams of 3 students each to this regional competition. The Division 1 teams solved  2 and 3 problems, while our Division 2 teams solved 4 and 4 problems respectively. Contest results.
  • In 2015, the college sent 1 team to Division 1 of this regional contest, where they solved 3 problems Our two teams in Division 2, solved 6 and 7 problems solved respectively.
    Contest results.
  • In November 2013, Lewis & Clark sent 3 teams of 3 students each to the regional competition. They solved 4, 4 and 3 problems respectively which is quite well. Only 1 Oregon team solved one more problem.
    Contest results.
  • In 2011, the LC programming team of 3 students came in 3rd in Oregon, beating teams from Univ of Oregon, Linfield and Willamette. team standings
  • Lewis & Clark sent two teams of 3 students to the regional competition in November, 2010. One of these teams scored very well and was the 2nd best in Oregon. team standings
  • In November 2007, our one team of 3 students was the 3rd best in Oregon. 
  • In November 2006, 2 teams of 3 students each participated in this contest. One of our teams was the best team from Oregon, the fourth best team without graduate students, and scored a Lewis & Clark best of 5 problems solved correctly. Contest Results
  • Lewis & Clark was the 2nd best in Oregon and in undergraduate-only teams for three years, 1999, 2001, & 2002.

Cyber Defense Competition (PRCCDC)

  • In 2015, only 5 students were able to compete, against other schools with 8 students, which included grad students. Despite the odds, we showed great heart ranked 11 out of the 14 teams.
  • In 2014, 8 students competed in this intense competition and had a great time and learning experience. We are the only school from Oregon who competes.
  • in 2013, our team ranked 5th out of 11 teams from the Northwest. We were competing against teams with up to 2 graduate students, so we felt proud.

COMAP’s Mathematical Contest in Modeling

  • In Spring 2016, 5 students competed in 2 teams and successfully completed the contest. We had a lapse last year with no teams, and need to work up to our super-powered teams again.
  • In  2014, one of our teams of 3 students received a Meritorious Winner Award and another team of 3 students received a ranking of Honorable Mention.  The Meritorious winners  were ranked in the top 11% of the 6,755 teams from around the world. 
  • In  2013, our one team of 3 students received a Meritorious Winner Award! This puts them in the top 17% of all the teams from around the world!! Problem B results
  • In Spring 2011, a total of 12 students competed in 4 active teams, two of which were interdisciplinary teams.  One of the Interdisciplinary teams received an Honorable Mention award!
  • In 2006, we had one team of 3 students participate and they received a Meritorious Winner Award! This is the second highest award of the contest. Results for 2006
  • In Spring 2005, we had two teams of 3 students each. One of our two teams competing this year, received a Meritorious Winner award!! Results for 2005
  • We were one of the 3 Top Outstanding Teams in 2001!
    Outstanding Winners in 2001