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Mathematical Sciences


Each semester we offer an exciting lecture series covering a wide range of speakers and topics, from career advice to senior theses to guest experts.  

Talks are typically on Thursdays and are in J.R. Howard Hall, room 102, at 3:30pm unless otherwise noted. Refreshments are provided.

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April 25, 2019

JR Howard 259 3:30-4:30

Mathematics Honors Thesis Talk

Speaker: Max Levin & Zoe Harrington   Abstract:  Measuring Cloud Coverage Using Neural Networks.

The fraction of the sky covered by clouds is a key meteorological observation that is particularly useful for weather forecasting, climate model development, and solar energy forecasting. Historical methods of estimating cloud fraction include manual observation, active and passive ground-based and satellite remote sensing, and sky image analysis. Our work presents a novel derivation of fractional sky cover from all-sky images using an artificial neural network. Our results show improved consistency with active remote sensing cloud fraction for problematic sky images.


Speaker: Amelia Berle  Abstract:  Applying Genetic Algorithms to Discover Areas of Selection in DNA Sequence.  

As genetic sequencing becomes faster, more accurate, and more efficient, enormous new datasets are being gathered, but the processing and interpreting of the data has not seen quite as large of an improvement.  dN/dS ratios can be used as an approximate measure to determine if a genetic sequence is undergoing selection and in which direction.  In this project, we explore using genetic algorithms and dN/dS ratios to find areas in a sequence which are experiencing selection.  Preliminary results indicate that this approach could be useful for highlighting areas in which selection is occurring.


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