Faculty and Staff

Rishona Zimring

Professor of English, Director of Gender Studies

Kimberly Brodkin

Director of Gender Studies Symposium, Director of Ray Warren Symposium on Race and Ethnic Studies, Associate Professor with Term of Humanities

Katharina Altpeter-Jones

Associate Professor of German Language and Literature

Therese Augst

Associate Professor of German Studies, German Section Head

Sepideh Bajracharya

Assistant Professor of Anthropology with Term

Andrew Bernstein

Associate Professor of History

Maryann Bylander

Associate Professor of Sociology

Rachel Cole

Associate Professor of English

Susan Davis

Senior Lecturer in Theatre/Program Head of Dance

Isabelle DeMarte

Associate Professor of French

Kim Cameron Dominguez

Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Kurt Fosso

Professor of English

J.M. Fritzman

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Susan Glosser

Associate Professor of History

Daena J. Goldsmith

Professor of Rhetoric & Media Studies

Karen Gross

Professor of English and Department Chair

Andrea Hibbard

Assistant Professor with Term of English

Reiko Hillyer

Associate Professor of History and Department Chair, Director of Ethnic Studies

Sidra Kamran

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Gordon Kelly

Associate Professor with term in Classics and Chair of the Classics Program

Melanie Kohnen

Assistant Professor of Rhetoric & Media Studies

Oren Kosansky

Associate Professor of Anthropology, Department Chair of SOAN

Robert Kugler

Paul S. Wright Professor of Christian Studies

Jennifer LaBounty

Associate Professor of Psychology

Rebecca Lingafelter

Assistant Professor of Theatre

Catherine Sprecher Loverti

Visiting Professor of German

Susanna Morrill

Department Chair; Associate Professor of Religious Studies

Dawn Odell

Associate Professor of Art History

Jess Perlitz

Associate Professor of Art, Studio Head of Sculpture

Paul Powers

Professor of Religious Studies

Will Pritchard

Associate Professor of English

Magalí Rabasa

Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies, Hispanic Studies Section Head

Jolina Ruckert

Assistant Professor with Term

Tom Schoeneman

Professor of Psychology

Jessica Starling

Associate Professor

Jenna Tamimi

Adjunct Professor of Theatre

Cara Tomlinson

Associate Professor of Art, Studio Head of Painting

Sarah Warren

Associate Professor of Sociology and Latin American Studies

Elliott Young

Professor of History

Yueping Zhang

Associate Professor of Psychology


Hannah Crummé

Head of Watzek Library Special Collections and College Archivist

Elaine Hirsch

Library Liaison, Associate Director, Watzek Library

Lisa Wilson

Administrative Coordinator

Emeriti Faculty

Jane Atkinson

Professor Emerita of Sociology and Anthropology

Janet Davidson

Professor Emerita of Psychology

Deborah Heath

Professor Emerita of Anthropology

Jane Hunter

Professor Emerita of History

Jean Ward

Professor Emerita of Communication

Friends of Gender Studies

Joanne Mulcahy

Graduate School Adjunct Faculty