Eli Bricknell

Eli Bricknell BA '23



Degree and Class Year



Seattle, Washington; Kalamazoo, Michigan


Sociology and Anthropology


Gender Studies


KPH Radio, Gender Studies Symposium cochair

What three words would you use to describe L&C?

Community, Nature, Exposure

What’s your favorite class? Why?

Feminist Theory with Associate Professor Kim Brodkin or Decolonizing Anthropology with Associate Professor Oren Kosansky. Feminist Theory was amazing because it is the gender studies minor capstone course, so we were able to have really exciting and thought-provoking discussions. Decolonizing Anthropology was a really great class to take as a sociology and anthropology major. The teachings have stuck with me and have often made me take a step back to view things from a decolonial lens.

What made you want to come to Lewis & Clark?

Small class sizes, close relationships with professors, and community.

What do you like or find most interesting about your major?

Beyond finding the subject interesting, the faculty within the SOAN department are some of the most caring, understanding, and patient people. They just want to see you do your best and succeed.

What do you like or find most interesting about your minor?

I love how things I have learned in my gender studies courses can apply to and enhance my learning in other courses.

Tell us about your support systems and social outlets on campus: people, activities, clubs, res halls, etc.

I’ve met some pretty amazing people in my time at L&C, and I am very thankful for their continued support and care toward me. The Pio Express is great to escape campus if you don’t have a car!

What advice do you have for incoming students?

Get a therapist, and meet with your professors the first week of class to introduce yourself—it’ll make meeting with them less stressful when you actually need help with something. Professors also just want to get to know us as humans, so it is always nice to say hi.

Have you been involved with one of our symposia, as an organizer or participant? What was the experience like? How did the event complement your academic experience?

I am a cochair for this year’s Gender Studies Symposium. Prior to that, I had only attended the events, so this is my first year in a leadership role. I am really thankful we have so many amazing symposia at L&C because students are able to pull from keynote events years after they happened!

Did you visit campus before deciding to come to L&C? How did your visit influence your decision to attend?

I did several times. I think my favorite visit was when I had the opportunity to meet with current students over lunch and ask them questions without the pressure of parents.

If you went on a New Student Trip with College Outdoors, how did it shape your experience as an incoming student?

I will be forever thankful that I participated in a New Student Trip. I still have friends that were on my trip, and it is always great to see familiar faces on campus the first few weeks of classes.

What’s one of your best Lewis & Clark memories so far?

My first year at L&C there was a show at the COOP. All of my friends and I were dancing and having so much fun together.

Gender Studies Sociology and Anthropology