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Gender Studies Symposium


 39th Annual Gender Studies Symposium

Tensions of Possibility
March 11-13, 2020


Imagining future possibilities can provoke a combination of terror and hope. Imagining past possibilities can fill us with regret and relief. The present, then, serves as a forum on the possibilities of the past and future—the peril and promise, the cost and opportunity.

The 39th Annual Gender Studies Symposium invites us to think about invention, speculation, and possibility through theoretical lenses that focus on gender and sexuality. How have we imagined prospects for community, politics, and artistic expression? What might the future hold for understanding intimacy and the human body? In what ways are institutions, social ties, and ideologies entangled with the drive to innovate? Where are we headed, and what will those possibilities mean in relation to gender and sexuality?


2019-20 student co-chairs: Val Perry ’20 (fall only), India Roper-Moyes ’20, 
Rayce Samuelson ’20, and Sharon Soffer ’20


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All symposium lectures, workshops, performances, and panel discussions are free and open to the public. No registration is required.