It is recommended that students plan early (by the end of the sophomore year) for this minor to ensure that they can schedule the required courses and the electives of their choosing.

The Program Minor 

A minimum of 24 semester credits, distributed as follows:  

1) Gender Studies 200, 300, 440.

2) GEND 231 or another approved Gender Diversity course.

HIST 231A U.S. Women’s History, 1600 to 1980
RELS 340
Gender in American Religious History
SOAN 261
Gender and Sexuality in Latin America
SOAN 266
Social Change in Latin America
SOAN 285
Culture and Power in the Middle East

Additional courses may count. Contact director for approval.

3) Eight additional semester credits selected from a list of approved electives.

At least 16 credits applied to the minor cannot be used for another minor or major program. In addition, at least four of the courses for the minor must be taken at Lewis & Clark.

Current Gender Studies Courses are listed here!

The interdisciplinary minor in gender studies examines the relationship between biological differences and social inequality, explores the construction of sexual identity, and analyzes the variations in gender systems that have occurred across cultures and over time. It illuminates the images of femininity and masculinity that shape cultural representations and explores similarities and differences in men’s and women’s artistic expression.

Courses take gender as a subject of focus and investigate how gender interacts with race, class, and culture. The College’s internationalized curriculum and overseas study program make it possible for students to examine the intersections of gender, race, and class in a variety of cultures. Finally, the minor engages students in the political and philosophical exploration of strategies for transforming coercive and unequal gender systems and enhancing individual choice and our common humanity.