Cadyn Schenk-Turner

I wanted to come to Lewis & Clark because of the vast opportunities it could provide me.

Cadyn Schenk-Turner BA '26



Degree and Class Year

BA ’26


Charlotte, North Carolina


Art History

What three words would you use to describe L&C?

Scenic, Tight-knit Community, Socially Engaging

What’s your favorite class? Why?

Nonextant Art with Associate Professor Dawn Odell and Reed College professor Dana Katz. This was a collaborative class with Reed students and a Reed professor that focused on artworks that can no longer be experienced firsthand to explore how nonextant art informs our understanding of the past. I loved this class because it was largely discussion based, which allowed me to really engage with my classmates. I also liked being able to meet Reed students!

What made you want to come to Lewis & Clark?

I wanted to come to Lewis & Clark because of the vast opportunities it could provide me. Small class sizes are emphasized, which allows you to create relationships with your professors. I also really loved how beautiful the campus is, it really feels like you’re in the middle of the woods.

What do you like or find most interesting about your major?

I have loved the art history classes I have taken so far. Many of the classes focus on a specific location or time period, which allows you to really dive deep into the culture or period discussed. I have also been able to form great relationships with my art history professors. The Hoffman Gallery is also great, there are several exhibitions each year which involve students and professional artists from the Portland area.

How did you decide on your major?

I have always been surrounded by art growing up and always had a fascination with it. I also have always been interested in history, so it was a great mixture of the two things I love!

Tell us about your support systems and social outlets on campus: people, activities, clubs, res halls, etc.

On campus, there are so many opportunities to join clubs. If you don’t find one you love, it’s super easy to create your own! I have really loved College Outdoors, as it has allowed me to go on fun trips on the weekends! I also know a lot of people who live in the Living-Learning Communities, and they love the sense of community it provides.

What advice do you have for incoming students?

I would advise anyone coming to L&C to join a club. They are a great way to meet people and make new friends. I would also encourage everyone to check out the trails behind campus! They are absolutely beautiful and a nice place to go and relax.

Did you visit campus before deciding to come to L&C? How did your visit influence your decision to attend?

I visited campus before deciding to come to L&C. It gave me a really good sense as to what my routine would look like here, where my classes would be, and where residence halls are located. I was surprised at how beautiful the campus was and how immersed in nature it is. I really appreciated being able to see the campus before making my decision, it really certified my want to be a student at L&C.

How do you describe the liberal arts?

The liberal arts give you a taste of everything. I have really appreciated taking classes that I initially wouldn’t have been drawn to. It has pushed me to try and learn new subjects.

Which residence halls have you lived in? How would you describe the hall’s personality? What is/was the best thing about living on campus?

I live in Spruce in the Forest Residence Halls and have loved it. It is located right next to the community garden and the Coop, the school’s student-run cafe. The Forest Halls are 10-minute walking distance from everything on campus but are also a bit secluded, which I have really appreciated.

Who is your mentor on campus? Why?

Dawn Odell is my mentor here. I had a class with her in the Fall semester called Key Monuments in the History of Chinese Art. Since then, I have taken other classes with her and have loved every one. I have been able to develop a relationship with her and in turn, she has presented me with opportunities that have been invaluable to my experience here. I really love how L&C helps foster student-faculty relationships. It’s been an amazing experience for me.

What’s one of the best spots on campus?

I love the trails on the back side of campus. It’s a great way to get a little bit of exercise in, set up a hammock, or just have a nice outlook of the city.

What’s your favorite thing about living in Portland?

I love music and so I love the amount of concerts and shows there are on the weekends. I also really love how many food trucks there are everywhere in the city. It’s a great way to get a bite to eat without spending too much money.

Have you had the opportunity to do research with a professor? If so, please describe the project and the experience.

I am currently doing research for a class with Dawn Odell surrounding nonextant art. Throughout my research, I am focusing on the role of conservators to illustrate how restoration can become iconoclastic through the case study of Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper and the effects of multiple restorations from the 16th to the 21st century. Dawn Odell has been extremely supportive in my research and has helped guide me through my work. This is the first research project I have done and she has really supported me in my journey.

What’s one of your best Lewis & Clark memories so far?

One of my favorite memories so far was a Mushroom Hunting Trip I did with College Outdoors. It was a weekend trip and we spent two days foraging for edible and inedible mushrooms at various different locations around Oregon. At the end, we cooked the edible mushrooms and made tacos! I was able to meet tons of new people and learned so much about mushrooms.

How has College Outdoors influenced and improved your college experience?

I have loved going on College Outdoors trips. There are always a bunch of interesting trips you can go on to explore the Oregon area. I have really loved meeting new people and bonding over fun activities with them like hiking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, mushroom hunting, etc.

Art History