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FALL 2021

Studio Art

Digital Media 
ART 112-01 and 112-02 Digital Media I- Brian House

ART 116-01 Ceramics I - Dylan Beck

ART 115-01 and 115-02 Drawing I - Bethany Hays

ART 120-01 Photography I - Joel W. Fisher

ART 113-01 and 113-02 Sculpture I - Staff

General Studio Art
ART 311- Studio Seminar- Staff
ART 491 - Senior Art Project - Joel Fisher

Art History

ART 100-01 European and North American Art -  Ben David
ART 151-01 Early East Asian Art- Dawn Odell
ART 201-01 Modern European Art- Matt Johnston
ART 319-01 Modern Architecture- Matt Johnston
ART 4XX Memory as Representation- Ben David
ART 493Senior Seminar- Dawn Odell