Art - College of Arts and Sciences - Lewis & Clark

Learning Outcomes

Studio Art

  • Think critically and discuss their work and that of their peers within the cultural context of art history and global artistic practice
  • Cultivate and refine a visual vocabulary and verbally articulate the conceptual basis of their work.
  • Implement appropriate materials, techniques, and concepts to create informed, intentional and communicative works of art.
  • Apply analytical and research skills through a variety of methods, including senior capstone exhibition, collaborative research, and professional practices.

Art History

  • Develop the ability to situate key objects, images and architecture in their material, social/historical, and theoretical contexts.
  • Build a vocabulary for the formal analysis of artwork (to describe what you see with specificity and clarity).
  • Ability to use writing to articulate an argument, in your own words, with clarity of expression and obeying standard rules of usage and documentation.
  • To develop a variety of tools and methods for pursuing original art historical research.
  • Demonstrate an ability to read and discuss critically a variety of texts, including primary source materials and secondary literature (such as peer-reviewed articles).
  • Develop a multi-cultural and global perspective on the history of art.