Grayson Smith

My favorite class was Digital Media. We were encouraged to pursue our interests and mix them into our projects, as most teachers do at Lewis & Clark. I like fashion, so I was able to create a glowing headpiece with arduino modulators.

Grayson Smith BA '25



Degree and Class Year

BA ’25


Oakland, California


Studio Art


Intramural Volleyball, Art Club

What three words would you use to describe L&C?

Small, Unique, Woodsy

What’s your favorite class? Why?

My favorite class currently would be Digital Media with Visiting Professor of Art Dann Disciglio. He is super into the classes he teaches and allows students to make the projects work for them. We are encouraged to pursue our interests and mix them into our projects, as most teachers do at Lewis & Clark. I like fashion so I was able to create a glowing headpiece with arduino modulators even though I had never really worked with arduino. He has always been available to help guide my projects for his class as well as other classes.

What made you want to come to Lewis & Clark?

Class sizes were small, and I come from a small high school. A big school seemed crazy overwhelming and I enjoyed feeling comfortable saying hi to classmates around campus. Being able to meet with my teachers during office hours has been really useful for me and I knew I needed that close communication throughout college.

What do you like or find most interesting about your major?

I have the freedom to explore my interests and grow my artistic practice. I am not forced to follow a certain guideline for projects. This open-endedness scared me at first, but I found I can make each project work for my own interests so I am never unmotivated to work. I love having projects I enjoy working on and I am able to do so through the art programs.

Tell us about your support systems and social outlets on campus: people, activities, clubs, res halls, etc.

I love social interaction so being able to meet new people in classes is really nice because you always have someone to say hi to whenever you’re walking around campus. I really enjoy the live music scene in Portland and being able to volunteer at The Coop introduced me to a lot of new bands I never thought to explore. I just recently joined intramural volleyball and it has been a blast. I can play with my friends against other students that I wouldn’t have interacted with outside the classroom otherwise. I think my safe place on campus, other than my room, would be the Digital Media Room because it’s quiet and I have so many resources to create. The laser printer has been my favorite to experiment with.

What advice do you have for incoming students?

I would recommend sitting with as many different people as possible during New Student Orientation because you will eventually run into them and it’s really nice to see friends around campus who you can chat with even if they aren’t your closest friend. Also, try to hang out off campus when you can. It can be easy to forget you aren’t just living in the woods, you’re in Portland!

How do you describe the liberal arts?

It is so fun but can be hard to understand at first. Classes have open-ended prompts for essays and projects. You can always meet with a teacher but you are encouraged to pursue your own interests and opinions throughout your work.

What’s one of the best spots on campus?

The best spot is behind the pool and tennis courts (yes, we have a pool!). There’s a secret volleyball net and a really nice grassy field that looks out on Mount Hood!

How did you decide on your major?

I decided I wanted to pursue what motivates me, art. I figured if I majored in something that could arguably get me a higher paying job, I would have been miserable.

How are you involved in the arts at L&C?

I am very involved. I have been a part of three art fairs at The Coop and I have loved every second of it! The energy is always so cozy and fun, I get to meet new people from all grade levels and niches of the school. I also am a part of the Art Club that has just recently been revived. We want to put on more art events and support each other as artists. Everyone has unique aesthetics and it comes together really beautifully as we discuss our own art and ideas.

Studio Art